I have the LV Keepall 60, I have never posted pics to a forum if someonw tells me how I'll post them.

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Hedi and LVMH are in contract talks about the possibility of giving him his own fashion house, but nothing is certain. He stated that he hopes to get back into fashion in 2008, but for it not to totally consume him like at Dior.

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I can't speak on Gucci, but in July I bought a LV Keepall 60, it is amazing. So far it has held up great, and is a great size. If you go LV get the 60, I believe there is only about a $20 jump between sizes. Also, if you don't care about the shoulder strap you can get the Keepall w/o it and save a few hundred bucks. As far as places online eLuxury is the only authorized dealer on the internet for LV, anywhere else you change getting a fake and the Keepall is highly faked.

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Dior Homme has super skinny jeans. 21cm & 19cm are their norm, but they even have a 17.5cm. Very pricy, but they are the best I've ever bought.

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I have a pair of Hugo Boss orange label denim and I like them a lot. I initially only bought them because they were like $200 dollars and I got them on sale for $60, but they turned out to be one of my fav pair. They tend to run a little small, at least the pair I got did, so you may have to go up a size. Very comfortable and I've had them about a year now and they have held up very well.

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I just bought a pair of Diors and had I have bought the 19cm or 21cm I would have gone down a size. Even though they are slim fitting jeans they tend to run big at the waist. I normally wear a 32, but in both the 19cm and 21cm I was a 31 and might have even got away w/ a 30. In the 17.5cm I wore my normal size a 32. If you are looking for a slim fit go w/ the 19cm, the 21cm is more of a straight leg fit.

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If you check out the link I posted earlier I believe that is the entire Dior Homme ss08 line.

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The 17.5cm jakes are from the fw07 line, which was Hedi's last line, I do not know if Van Assche will be including any 17.5cm in his line, but if I had to guess considering Hedi only had 1 pair and Van Assche isn't as tailored as Hedi I would say no, unless Dior force it on him.

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I realize Hedi is gone, and now Kris Van Assche is in. The cuts in the denim seem very similar and as per the sales person at Dior Homme the cut is supposed to stay very similar in fact it sounds like Van Assche was not permitted to change Hedi's cut. Unfortunatly it appears as though he has changed the cut on everything else. The shirts are not as tailored and the dress pants/suits are much baggier and pleated. The other major change is that most of the line is tshirts and hoodies, also not much as far as leather outerwear goes, and what Van Assche does have in my opinion is hidious. Dior Homme is still promoting the fw07 line, but it is almost gone. Once the stores switch over to ss08 Hedi will be all but gone. Here is a link to Van Assche 1st Dior Homme line, I have to admit my 1st piece of Dior Homme will probably be my last, unless I run into some Hedi vintage. http://www.boombayeh.com/eBay/_temp/dior.html

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More about the 17.5cm. I believe Dior calls them the Jake. I was fortunate to get the last pair at the NYC store(and they said they werent expecting more in, could have been sales ploy though) so if you live in or are visiting Vegas or Cali maybe you can get them there. The only 2 stores other than NYC are on Rodeo Dr. and at the Wynn Hotel. The price is $450.

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Here are two pairs that you might like, good prices too. http://www.bluefly.com/pages/products/detail.jsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=2070027859&FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=2336737&N=2336737+4294967285&Ne=10&Ns=Popularity%7c0%7c%7cProduct%2bCode%7c1&Nu=Product+ID http://www.bluefly.com/pages/products/detail.jsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=2052380373&FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=2336737&N=2336737+4294967285&Nao=72&Ne=10&Ns=Popularity%7c0%7c%7cProduct%2bCode%7c1&Nu=Product+ID

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Great fit, what's the leg opening on them out of curiosity?

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Well I went to NYC to the Dior Homme store this past Sunday for the first time. I went w/ the intention of getting my first pair of denim from Dior. Initially I had planned on going w/ the 21cm because I am new to skinny denim and figured I'd ease in to the super skinny ones. Well after trying on first the 21 cm and deciding I could attempt the 19cm I shocked even myself. I ended up buying neither! That's right it turns out Hedi designer 1 pair that was neither 21 nor 19 cm it is actually 17.5cm and is called the Jake. For being as tight as they are they were suprisingly comfortable and look very chic. I do not dress on the punk side so my gf was afraid the denim was going to look too punk for me, but once they were on she agreed very chic and a must buy. I have read many reviews about the Dior Homme store and how it can be intimidating. I have to admit I was a little intimidated when first walking in. Esp since the doors to both the enterance and fitting rooms have no handles and are a little hard to get use to. At first the sales people(2 guys in their 20's 1 seeming to be on the punk side one more towards NYC chic) were stand offish. For what reason I don't know maybe because I only had a $250 pair of denim on instead of their usual clients. Once I approched them and started to ask questions and to try items on they were very helpful. Also, you could tell they had regular clients as almost eveyone who walked in the store was known by name. Also there have been some questions as to how the denim will go forward with the exit of Hedi Slimane. So being the nosy type wanting to know everything I asked. I was told that the general direction of the denim, meaning the cut, will for the most part stay the same, but Kris' designes will replace Hedi's. So if you want a pair of denim designer by Hedi you do need to get it now. With that being said it doesn't sound like Kris' are going to look much different. I'm a big fan of Hedi and wanted a pair that he actually designed rather than a guy coming in after him copying him and making money off his design. In conclusion I basically just wrote this to tell you about my outstanding experience at NYC's Dior Homme, and to tell you not to be intimidated to go into the store. Regaurdless of if you feel they are overpriced they are my fav denim in the closet right now. I will be going much more often, as long as Kris doesn't f up the line. Can't wait for Hedi to start designing again. Thanks for listening, if you are into high end fashion and $ is no object try Dior Homme!

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Hi everyone, heading into NYC tom. to pick up a some Dior Homme denim and would like to hear some suggestions. If I understand correctly there are made in italy and japan, just curious what the benifits of each were. Also, I see most people going w/ raw denim, what is the advantage to raw denim and how would I know it from the other types by looking. Don't want to go into this high end store and seem like an idiot rather do it on here. Anyway thanks ahead of time for any help and suggestions. Hope everyone had a great holiday!

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Anything designed by Heidi while he was with Dior belongs to Dior so you dont have to worry about them not producing it; as long as they keep selling, Diors gonna keep producing. Thats was posted by Savag3 on a thread I started concerning Diors, hope it helps, thanks for the info Savag3!

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