SUPER 8- a new J J ABRAM film

You may already know what the secret scene at the end of Iron Man 2 is, but that won

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Megan Fox's new toy from Jonah Hex

pretty dope for collecting some toys.. [Image]

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Fatlace Present: One/One Showcase

to all car head out there... [Image] im not a car guy but my brother-in-law is competing his '72 nissan skyline.

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Funny Dance Battle...

2 mexicans dancing to michael jackson's "Beat It". its very funny. hope you enjoy. [URL] who's your favorite?

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How To Make It In America: Mixtape/Soundtrack (tv show from HBO)

first episode already leaked today. looked very promising and it has the "entourage" vibe. soundtrack/mixtape is here and you can now dl it. show premieres this sunday Feb 14 on HBO [URL]

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Kanye West- What it is

new song from kanye. but it sounds like the sophia fresh song. might be new to you, might be not. enjoi [URL]

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Ludacris' New Mixtape...

haven't got a chance to dl it, but i hope its awesome. [URL] enjoi peep hole...

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Robin Thicke feat. Jay Z - Me I Play (audio)

nice track. [URL]

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Black friday...!

what are you guys trying cop this year..?

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Timbaland feat. JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE - Carry Out

yes..! been waiting for a new JT song. about time. from SHOCK VALUE 2 enjoi... [URL]

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Amerie - More Than Love feat. Fabolous

this song delivers in many levels.. YEP....! [URL]

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DJ Jazzy Jeff x Michael Jackson Mixtape- He's the KING, I'm the DJ

YEP.....! [URL]

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Coast to Coast Mixtape Vol. 100

mixtape includes: timbaland- rumors gucci- spotlight 50 cent- crime wave jeezy- trap or die 2 many more... [URL]

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Boogie Town (movie)

any one heard this movie with marques houston and brenda song? [URL] it looks like this movie will deliver in the dance community. shaun evaristo (gen2), lando wilkins (boxcuttahz), quest crew, aimee lucas (gen2), tony tran and mike song (kaba modern) are in this movie also.

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Raining in los angeles... snowboarding season is here

hell yeah. shred some gnar gnar is here. ha ha ha. who snowboards here? what board u rocking and where u hit the slopes? forum youngblood. board at mt high and big bear. holla

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