I wasn't too sure if I should put this this thread in the entertainment or off topic section or not. Since it does revolve around movies and theatres i figured I'd go with it. Has anyone personally experienced a movie with this? Is it worth it? The admission price for it pretty expensive at $20.99 in my city. I'm thinking of maybe trying it out for Fast & Furious 6 in a week or two. [URL]

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[Image] What does everyone think of this year's lineup? Not as impressive as the previous years but still decent. There's about 13 or 14 acts on the bill I wouldn't mind seeing.

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I'm heading out to Houston, TX for the first time this coming weekend for All-Star Weekend and was wondering if anybody can recommend any good dirty south music. It doesn't have to be anything specific to Houston or dirty southern music but it would be nice to listen to some of it while I'm on my way there. Thanks!

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[Image] [b]"he told me that he fancied downloading his sperms in my butt"[/b] also for those unaware though most of you are probably aware as this is also old news, just makes the paper even funnier reading it in this guys voice. [Embed content]

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Can someone tell me what app this is or an app I can use to put my pictures together like it? I been using Photo Stitch for a while now but I'm finding it not very good anymore. [Image]

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Can't believe the mariners traded the face of their franchise for 2 guys who will likely never see significant time in the majors unless they buy a ticket. What are your thoughts on this?

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[URL] [Image]

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What do y'all think of this chick? [URL]

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