So I'm not 100% understanding how this works... I plan to watch it tonight. It should be on all week. Are ya'll planning on watching it. I'm perplexed yet, very fascinated. watch the trailer here

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Cause? I'm not sure how I feel about that. Pretty cool though.

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2003 - 2010. you had a good run. thoughts? i r dissapoint

Started by R.I.P. Goodfoot., 2 Weeks ago in Canada

Claritin... Reactin... Tylenol cough n cold? Best meds... I'm dying right now. What works for you?

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idk where to make this thread (mods move if necessary) So I need a laptop bag... and i don't know where to buy one. I've been looking for a while now but they're all ugly, not the right size, or for macbooks... So site reccomendations? Not best buy or anything like that please. My budget is like $200.

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