Hah anyone? There has to be someone who knows something about this!

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Hi guys, Few friends of mine and I are going to spend the new years in Riga. Could anyone of you guys give us any suggestions where to shop at? Looking for brands like A.P.C, Wood Wood, Norse Projects, Mark McNairy, CDG etc...

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[URL] same stuff as few of the other sites posted, but more the merrier right?

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Hi, I'm looking for unused Supreme decks I could make an artwork from. I'm located in Northern Europe, in Finland, so anyone willing to sell should also be willing to ship them here. 3-4 decks would be optimal and they should also be the same width, but it's not a necessity. Not looking for any crazy 1k collectible decks. Oh, and the graphic should be horizontal. These ones would be ideal, but everything will be considered: http://www.doobybrain.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/01/supreme-logo-skateboard.jpg Cheers, anvais

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