[Quote] Yeah I edited in the list with some asterisks after listening to it in my car's system. Still have the same thoughts on the verse's feeling a bit empty, but I'm really enjoying this song for what it is. Song structure is really dope.

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[U][B]One Minute Read Review [/B][/U] for what its worth. 4 listens in. - Album bumps. Although not perfect like My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. -Best tracks IMO: No Church In The Wild ♥♥♥♥♥s In Paris Lift Off***** Otis Thats My Bitch Murder To Excellence Why I Love You *Primetime -Lift Off would have been normal in the list if it wasn't for it feeling so unfinished. I feel like the album cut is one of many different verse cuts Kanye had planned, and it just felt empty. Beat and hook is incredible, yet trips on it self during the verses a bit. Worst Track? -Who Gon Stop Me. Feels so forced. Someone said lets kill it on a dubstep song and Kanye and Jay both were hot headed enough to think they are so good it'll sound good. The beat is straight generic cliche dubstep. Would have better if it was a creative original dubstep beat or just some dubstep drum influence. Album is GREAT! (THAT SHIT CRAZY) 8.5/10

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song sounds dope as fuck. can't wait to hear more of this shit. been way to long without a common album.

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[Quote] Blackass.

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[Quote] production sounds like tyler/leftbrain a bit. Vocoder for low tone voices like in oreos combined with the production make me think OF too. Not hating though, im banging to this mixtape.

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LOLOLOLOLOLOL. :. Dont wear skinny jeans cus my knots dont fit.

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this thread just saved me some money.

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[Quote] how much was food and necessities and shit their?

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fuck. id love to see lupe. I saw him at glow in the dark but that was more of a spectacle than a straight up concert. I wish i could've been at that intimate venue he was out with mos and kanye. have fun man.

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i need to go check some of these places out next time im in miami. (ft.lauderdale resident)

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looking for same shit. im not a dirty heads fan but I saw a dirty heads tank top some dude was wearing and I looked everywhere online to try and cop it but I can't find it anywhere. If anyone can help, i'd appreciate it.

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fuck man. thank fucking god. wayne came to his senses in jail. album cover and tracklist looking perfect.

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Someone point me to 3 Lil B songs they think i should check out first. I haven't listened to him yet but I randomly overheard one of his songs one day and I wasn't really feeling it but I wanna give dude another chance. I used to be called lil b when i was younger lol. smokeyface

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I mean he does kinda resemble OF a bit. Where is this dude from? Is this he first release?

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