[Embed content] i made this, let me know what yall think

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looking to pick up some striped tees. all the striped tees i see nowadays are fit for hipsters and shit with tiny ass sleeves and tight all around. looking for some looser fit. and stripes the size as the ones in the pic.(doesn't have to have the smaller stripes like that one though) heres a pic of me as a little shit with something im kinda looking for (black and yellow, with black collar). really would like blue and white too. or some shades of green   [Image]

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[URL] 55 Shipped. Never Worn.

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PM me if interested. Both shirts have NEVER been worn.  Yeezus Tour Merch Reaper Skull T-Shirt Medium - 30 shipped Benny Gold Galaxy Black Tie Dye Medium - 15 shipped IMGUR ALBUM WITH MORE PICS OF SHIRTS [URL][Image]

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Selling off these shirts Shirts are used but no tears or stains or anything like that. [Image] Both are smalls. Clouds SOLD GIRLS - 25 shipped takes it!!!

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PM me if you got it and willing to sell  [URL]

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Good video too, but I love that hoodie. [Image] http://www.complex.com/music/2012/10/kendrick-lamar-breaks-down-his-favorite-cartoons-and-cereals-video[URL]

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Anyone know about some nice white/blue stripe shorts? Looking for a pair!

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Pretty much what the title states, I'm curious what brands you guys think bite. I honestly don't care about biting as long as the shirt is nice, unless it's the same exact design on style. There's a lot of new little biters out since the Supreme bubble popped but still some of them are making nice clothes although eerily similar to previous lines. [Quote]

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