God damn! that was a sensational post...

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How did it go? I wudda gone...

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1. Jay-Z 2. Drake 3. Lil Wayne 4. Eminem 5. Kid Cudi 6. Kanye West 7. 50 Cent 8. Rick Ross 9. Wale 10. Raekwon

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Ok it's August 1st fellas and will be at Size? and I'm assuming all the NikeTowns also. Make sure you save a pair for me though.

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When do they drop in London?!

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[Quote] Agreed

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Tie between: Go Hard - Khaled & Kanye The Feature Heavy Song - Wale

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I'm pullin the beak, with 2 damn hands, but I dont hear a pop. I'm just pullin forever

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New Era need to sort their lives out because everytime I buy a cap in my size that shit is always slightly different. I read before that you could stretch them. So anyone know how? safely?

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X needs to calm down, Its not that serious

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blinkyeyes That is the fakest **** ever

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LV Evidence

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[I]"i hate when people in movies put there phones on silent and then text the whole damn time i mean im trying to look stragiht at the screen and I keep seeing this 30 lights in my peripheral vision"[/I] [I]I see a lot of you cats in the WDYWT thread wearing those stringed pants and huge Northface/Supreme backpacks. And by all means, do your thing. But seriously, I really doubt you guys have anything in those backpacks, and I highly doubt you guys have the balls to wear that ish in public. Where I'm from, some cats (no pun intended) on the WDYWT thread would get clowned on easily. And no, I'm not claiming I'm hard or from the hood.[/I] These guys above are correct. But also... I hate Vans, Liverpool FC & Vans once again...

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