Please delete my account. Feel free to email me if you need anything.  Thanks.

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According to Complex, Hypebeast is #5. Article here- [URL] Thoughts?

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Thinkin about business school in the near future/// Who took the GMAT? How long did you prepare for it? What was your score? Any tips?

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im at my first job making 35k/year should i do 401k? and if so, how much? employer does not match, but they pay to manage it

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Planning on getting an Akai MPK25. Share your experience if you have/had one. [Image]

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I have a 06 Honda Accord with no AUX cable and no cassette player, just a CD player. Is there an affordable and easy way to add an AUX cable? Appreciate it!

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What is your first CD that you have ever bought. Mine would have to be Jay-Z and Linkin Park's Collision Course when I was 13. [Image]

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Do you have many decks of cards laying around at home? Paying $20 for 20 Joker cards. [Image] [URL](Via-

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would like to know personal stories of how brands came to be... what were some of the problems that you faced? what were some of the things that came easy?

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