PM me if your interested! Paypal only(add 4% to the final price) NO TRADES! [Image] Day of the Deads, worn twice. BIN: $300! Price is negotiable.

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Hey everyone, this is the official NORML thread where you can all get updates on the latest product that we drop. NORML is located in Ottawa, Canada. visit [URL] for more details [Image]

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i think ice cream's are whack and all but damn.... was anyone there? what was the story behind that?!?! [URL]

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yo everyone we are starting up an online shop that will go up next month. Basically its an extension of norml clothing in ottawa, canada. we carry 10 deep, crooks, the hundreds, reason, nike, alife, etc. etc. sooo just wanted to get a suitable name. Let me know.. oh yeah here is the old site: ...

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does anyone know what happened to it? or is it just me... |0

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sooo i live in a land called ottawa, canada where diamond does not exist in any store around these parts... sooo just wandering if this cap on animal chin from sgv: [Image] can be purchased via the internet. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks. Ps. can't wait for the new line.... big ups to nick.

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[Image] comments/thoughts/feelings?

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yo coming down to toronto soon!!! Just wandering where i should spend my time and money... if anyone can offer some advice or lay it out like the stores in Vancouver, that would be great thanks!

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just wandering what the demand was, i got a size 6 hawaii right now that i am going to throw up on the bay later today, but does anyone know if this size was more exclusive as it was other dunks, ie: tiffany... If you have any info, i would appreciate it! thanks

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i'm curious as a cat .... [Image] just wanted to see what all you do to fund for your gear....

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