Lola Monroe

fuck Nicki Minaj... am i late on this chick?? [Image] [youtube]EdtbkZXpr4Q[/youtube]

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Wiz Khalifa - This Plane

he posted this on his facebook fan page. thought i'd share if it hasn't be posted yet [URL] this album gonna be dope

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Adderall & Studying

how many of you have takin' this to study? what dosage have you takin? how well has it worked for you? AND DO YOU GUYS TAKE IT ON AN EMPTY STOMACHE OR EAT FIRST? WHICH WORKS BETTER FOR YOU? i usually take it without eating anything.

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Drake ft. Trey Songz - Number One Replacement (Andrew D's Blend)

[URL] a little blend i did. thought i'd share with the HB fam blushing

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[youtube]WhBoR_tgXCI[/youtube] this shit is fuckin' dopee

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Uniqlo website

if you order on the website, do they ship to U.S. (is it pricey)? i can't find any info on the website...has anyone in the U.S. ordered from here? [URL]

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Frisky cop


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Kung Fu Photographyyyyy


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