yes it give you more to play with, but make sure the person knows what they are doing

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google Chrome! the only problem is i havent seen a stumble bar for chrome and that bothers me cause i hve to keep firefox open to stumble

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didnt play the first one but my friend played the shit outta it and told me he loved it but he liked those kinda games idk if id like 2, maybe a rent

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i havent played one of these games and a friend of mine always used to be reading the book on it, i kinda wanna try it maybe ill rent it

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first one was a classic, 2nd was Ok at best, i laughed a couple times

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Hassleback, Rivers, and Schaub will have big seasons unless the teams can get the running game going, also Rothlisburger

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haha that is too perfect, i wonder if the photographer knew what he was doing or just realized after

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yes man u chelsea and barca are playing the best right now

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netherlands and italy goin far, i love netherlands jerseys

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lamar played some quality basketball in their game yesterday i think had a move in there i hadnt seen him do before, didnt know he could

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i heard about qiz like a couple days ago, pretty straight

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what is a good online store that sells alot of nike dunks/sbs? the couple that i found, i try to place an order and get all the way through the process and then it says denied at the end.

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