Top 10 Favorite Movies.

Dark Knight Shawshank Redemption One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest The Shining Aliens Independence Day Good Will Hunting 12 Angry Men Pi Warrior

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Do you believe in any conspiracy theories?

I do. I see them happening everyday around my workplace..

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Any Pretty Lights fans here!

Its been approximately just over a month since I started hearing to electro hip hop soul and now I am hooked. I want to know about his best tracks as well as about other artists who make similar music. [Embed content]

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The Chillest Songs Ever

Club 8 - Everything Goes.. Life moves in slo-mo when you are high and you listen to this in loop... [Embed content]

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Iron Man 3

If it wasn't for RDJ, this movie would have fallen flat on its face. Unimaginative and lacking, what's the point of IM3.. Just teach Pepper or Rhody to control the robots and you're all set Tony Stark.. If they do decide to make another one after this, I hope Jon Favreau returns to the director's chair..

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I need some fucking awesome movies to torrent.

[Quote]+1 to that. Also check Gangster Squad...

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What's the saddest movie scene you have seen recently?

Fireflies in the Garden

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EPL discussion thread

[Quote]I am just wondering who will be his arch nemesis in this 2nd dig of the cherry...Too many mellow characters in managerial posts right now, and If Bucktooth Werewolf (Suarez) leaves, the league will become even more boring..

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Fast & Furious 6

Thunderb******* of a movie..The only thing, how did they manage to find a never-ending runway for the climax??

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What are you watching?

Modern Family Season 4

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Who is the worst rapper out???

T-Pain the Autotune Revolutionary smokeyface

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What are you listening to?

Coldplay - Sparks  [Embed content]

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