Visvim Mowat Mocs, size 10 US for sale. Worn approximately 20 times - soles are still perfect, shoes are in great condition and have lots of life left in them. Retailed for $450, asking for $250 shipped in the US (add $15 if outside the US). Payment via Paypal... add 4% or send as gift. [Image]

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For sale are two pairs of Samurai jeans, both ARE NOW SOLD!

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hey all. back in january i got an invite to the nikeid store on elizabeth street in NYC. i'm pretty sure everyone here knows what time it is with the storefront and what not... anyways, i figured i'd make a post to show you guys the different materials and options you get at the store. here's my 90's that i designed... they just arrived in the mail yesterday. this photo is the darkest of the bunch but i think it shows the neon laces at their truest color. [Image] i had to wait a long time for them cuz the factories were overloaded but it was well worth it. i just wanted to post some pics before i start wearing em and beat em up haha.

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here are a few shot i took when i was in lisbon last september on my honeymoon. i'm still sorting through them and processing them as i have time... i have several shots of streetwear boutiques in bairro alto (their hot spot) which i'll post sometime in the fashion thread. lisbon at night [Image]

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