Hey bro, you gotta get out of this high-school mind-set of labeling folk. JUst doesnt work in reality. But I've seen a few things he's rockin, and he's a vet at his style, which looks pretty damn good compared to others ya kno? His music is pretty good, keeps me thinking and entertained so I'm cool with 'em. Check His Mis Music Out

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Swag Steez Jive All words to describe someones [B]STYLE[/B]

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[Quote] Mickey Rocks. The Cool Kids Go hard Mane http://www.myspace.com/armonr

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Comme De Garcons? I wonder how you found out about em. (Dont tell me Kanye PLEASE!) Um, Actually this brand is a lil harder to find, and much more expensive than the rest. I'd rely on the internet to find source since this is higher fashion . Expect to run into prices ranging from 100-300$ for items like shirts and such. http://www.head-porter.org/commedesgarcons.htm

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[Image] All Soulja's stuff has been out for....ages. This might as well blow up

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I was about to DL it off of Imeem until I figured 70% of the songs had been on Mixtapes since beginning of '07

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The Cool Kids-A Lil Bit Cooler Cee Lo-Glockapella Adios-Trill ENT. Looking For The Perfect Beat-Africka

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