Too many haters.

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why do you call me john lamone?

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Hey, I just made some raps and I really tried my best, what do you think? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- im getting chased, i raced, embraced, erased damn it, its hard to get away. Now i must repay, fuck, this is the endplay But here i go Fuck, the cops behind me, looking back seeing their fucking angry Those bitches following me like crazy, coldly, i got busted  They made a jail for me builded like a man cock I was looking at the damn clock, fuck, its time to take my spacewalk,  them jail being harder than a woodblock Imma fucking warlock who realy freaks out trying to bust out. Wake up, after a damn whipeout with some damn lights out,  when i turn around i see a damn cop asking about my break out. i tried to give a payout, that faggot gave me a takeout. After that i got in a damn block, the cop came so i tried to hideout,  after that i gave that fag a punchout hes being knocked out. I tried hard as possible to get away, my fucking name was on the screenplay. I had no time to make a plan, fuck, ill never ever be a free man. I knew how it would end, i just made a little plan on my fucking backhand I got shot, it all happened in a millisecond, But i dont care, i hoped it all ended as a nightmare Orange clothes, white stripes, there where gangsters, al types Just sitting, having my own clan, sitting with my topmen Just thinking  bout the bullet in my fundus, i think im having contagious Tried to get the virus away with a toothbrush one time, i will kill the cops like an archerfish, im getting brainwashed The wall are made out of fucking iron, but somehow i made an escape Being free,knowing you can flee. asking god for a second chance, im now making advance, i think god is hating my  appearance, lying in the hospital, like getting kicked in the nuts by an angel Peace ---------------------------------------- Yo I woke up and got downstairs, the noise is music to my ears it was a hard night, i lost my family and my best friends it felt like a laugh in a sea of sadness i worked my damn ass to buy a house on my own the silence was a blood-cudling scream of anguish, set out to break my soul my heart has a hole, that bitch had a heart of stone damn,what have i ever done wrong? I didnt knew she was like that, she is breaking bad, how could she marry a snake like that she comes from hell, fucking hellcat but ill be back i wish i could switchback, i would never call back, her future will get pitch black She was starring at me with large liquid eyes, but i knew they where all damn lies Ill cut the bottom of her gustation, fucking awkward, im the stepchild of satan fucking eyedrops falling from dear god changing into raindrops, trying to kill her by giving her reborn damn, she is ugly, being freeborn but her home is a fucking prison, cuz her dad is giving her  friendly waves and warm smiles but in real life he hates her fucking more than his own life Nice, she is eating scat while making her parents feel bad, while she's home fingering her fucking cat. I wanna slice and dice the shit out of her, and put it in a fucking blender, mixing it and eating it with my homie slender. I want her to drown in the sea, bitch, dont cry, you fucking cant flee. I wish she was a fable, even then she is scaring her fucking neighbours. Your ugly as fuck, having high cheek bones and a scraggly mustache. Your uglier than trash being crashed with a damn tongue getting slashed by using hash Peace.

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