[URL] ^It's meant to be a competetive one, for players who won't drop out, but even if you're new to the game, you're welcome to join. Let's fill this up, sign up and join! I'd really appreciate it. The draft is Teusday, 8:30 ET. Oh, and dope team names are definitely a plus.

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How do you getz dem?

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I stole this video from a thread in Electronics, and DAMN! What do you guys think? [URL]

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yeah... just thought I should let you all know. I love her a lot. Any advice for late presents? *waits for influx of dicks in the boxes*

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Anybody watching this right now? It's crazy.

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????Anyone else here this? My friends are telling me. If it's true, R.I.P

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Love his earlier stuff. Deadringer is one of my favs. Deadronger>Since we last spoke> The Third Hand The Horror ep is nice too. Thoughts?

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Aesop Rock vs. Sage Francis Supernatural vs Craig G. for old times sake Eyedea vs. LIL WAYNE Lupe vs. Sage, El-P or someone Aceyalone vs. .... maybe Kanye? I think it would be really interesting to see some above vs. underground battles

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