Jordan 4/19 pack in 11.5 bought from footlocker. They are unfortunately too small on me by half a size so i have to let these go. I have these listed on ebay under my account alblue, I will post more tagged pictures up tomorrow. If you have ANY questions please let me know. You can either message me on here or on ebay under my account "alblue" I'm looking for 340 shipped which is retail price plus shipping. [Image]

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is dior going to be sellign the same jeans next season or is it no hedi = no jeans?

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I'm wondering what the sizing for Maharishi is(how it runs), not MHI sizing, particularly with their jackets. Thanks in advance.

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nvm /thread

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Im looking for a brand that sells plain t-shirts like american apparel except ones that dont fit like a dress. I have a thin but muscular build and wear size large and am 6 feet tall but aa tees are sooooo long so im looking for another brand that sells some plain tees that are somewhat slim fitting but aren't 100 inches too long....also is there a way to shrink aa tees so that they dont end up having a good length on them with a really wide waist?

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that when you buy shorts true to size they ALWAYS end up being like 2 inches bigger than the size you bought...I dont think i have one pair or shorts that i can wear without a belt its pretty rediculous.

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How come these are not allowed anymore? i mean of course there ganan go downhill but thats what political discussions are for, there very heated and people really get into them...personally i think they should stay and just let everyone express there feelings...i feel like my first amendment rights are being violated especially when online forums are one of the best places to express freedom of speech.

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My next purchase is going to be a higher end pair of denim and I'm contemplating whether to spend the 140 on apc ns or put out some more and go with the samurai 5000vx's. I know both sizes of what i need for both jeans i just cant decide what to do....

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whats the difference if anyone knows of the 2001 model t-shirts to the ones they have now on the site??

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Are Caliroots prices for real??? I translated SEK into USD and there products are like 3 times as much as you can get them from US based site...Is the usd that fucking shitty or is it just me being an idiot?

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What would you guys say is a good price for a white pair of b-grade supreme blazers with nothing noticabley wrong?

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Anyone know the best places online to buy blazers from. Since i got scammed out of the supremes i wanted and probably wont find a person with a pair my size nor feel like spending 300+ on shoes, I still want to buy a pair but I can't find any good stores online that have a good selection...

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