We just introduced at CES this year our brand new ladies line of Valencia Jeggings, peep the video!!! [Embed content] Also thinking about having some free giveaways on here for some gloves maybe more....

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who snowboards

For all of you Snowboarders and Skiiers hitting the slopes this winter make sure you're able to check in at the top of the mountain, instagram a view of the sunrise and text your friends to join you with [URL]

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Motorcycle Thread

For all of you gentleman that ride motorcyles: Do you often have problems with using your phone or receiving calls/messages while riding?  Do you have trouble using a gps? Have you ever gone somewhere to meet a friend only to find out that they went elsewhere instead but you couldn't get the text because you where riding?  Let me know folks, I may have a solution.

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New fresh upcoming brands?


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Starting a New Line/Brand Feedback Thread

Very interesting thread, will definitely have to do a lot of backreading.

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ALPHYN INDUSTRIES 415.259.4008 [URL] At first glance some of these may look outlandish, possibly foolish. But consider the following.... How many people are searching their pockets for their phones right now? How many people need to stand up from seated position to take their phones out of their jeans? How many people people get their cellphones stolen from their hands daily while using public transportation? WEAR THE FUTURE WE ARE THE FUTURE All comments welcome

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