Vote please. It's going to be a gift for my gf, but wanted to get a general consensus. Too skinny? Too pink? Click to vote... [URL]

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Post your latest footwear pick up blushing Here are my Hush puppies before they go for a walk. [Image]

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Instead of just tweeting around, being followed, or being the follower, you can actually make money for all your efforts now. [B][URL][/B] You get paid when an advertiser chooses you to 'display ads' on your twitter profile background. Call it the Tweet-hustle.

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Not intentionally trying to remind you of a bad investment... =) What's the latest item you regret buying?

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I'm sure 97% of you procrastinate at some point of the day. How do you get yourself back on track to work?

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What up guys. Imagine stepping into the club right now, what are the top 10 songs you'd like to hear blaring out the speakers? Do share.

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Just like night, I had a dream about visiting the year 1984 (I was born 87')...and I saw my parents together. Of course, they didn't recognize my existence because I wasn't born yet. Anyways, throughout the dream, I held a conversation with my dad & mom... trying to convince I came from the future and told them what would happen. I thought that was dope =) What's yours?

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[B]Love:[/B] Being a young entrepreneur and given the opportunities to live the dreams I wanted. [B]Hate: [/B] That I'm a workaholic, but I can't help it.

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Something that you didn't know about yourself.. whether it was a sweet or rude awakening. I just found out how fast I can get things done if I obey the principle "one step at a time".

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It is a scene that sickens everyone - the sad sight of another mass stranding of whales trapped on a narrow strip of sand with no hope of returning to the sea. Yet among this group of 50 sperm whales on the north west tip of Tasmania, just two remain clinging to life among their dead and now residents and wildlife rangers are praying that a high tide will save the weak survivors. 'We will be doing all we can to help them once we are able to get a team to the sandbar, but their best hope lies in a high tide, which will give us a chance of pushing them out to sea,' said a wildlife official. Tasmania has seen numerous mass whale strandings, brought about, it is believed by whales following smaller fish to feed on, or by the pod following a sick 'leader' close to the shore where they become trapped on a raised stretch of sand. It has even been suggested that the sonar beeps from submarines can interfere with whales' sensitive radar and throw them off course. Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife spokeswoman Liz Wren said four experts had made their way in a dinghy to Perkins Island, near the mouth of the Duck River, where the 50 whales had become beached overnight. 'We'll be stabilising the surviving whales and monitoring them until the next high tide and hopefully we'll be able to get them back out to sea,' she said. But she admitted it would not be an easy task for the wildlife officers. 'The area where the whales have stranded themselves is treacherous because it has numerous sandbars and makes navigation difficult by boat.' To add to the problems facing the tiny team of would-be rescuers is the size of the sperm whales - some are 50ft long. 'When these things happen, many of us who can't get to the beach to help have no option but to pray,' said 62-year-old Tasmanian resident Gillian Lang. Just two months ago, more than 150 whales died in a mass beaching at nearby Sandy Cape. My thoughts: The world's coming to an end.

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If so, check in, let's link up and get together a circle (if it can exist) of bkk individuals on here.

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Passed out on my girl's lap on a cab home. Thanks for bearing with my thrilling story.

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My black carrera tag heuer automatic. What's your wrists best friend?

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I was at the supermarket with my girl today.. happy hours with bakery and all. As I was reaching for the eggtarts, I saw nosehair in one of the pieces. Disturbing? Yes.

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Aside form hypebeast.. solecollector etc. what other forums are you aware of?

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