Canada Post would be about 4-5 days.

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Hello I've browsed the first 2-3 pages and couldn't find anything so I figured I'd make my own post. Winter's coming and I need some new flannels, shipped to Canada. Not looking for anything specific, mostly someone who might have 2-3 available and could pack all of them to save on shipping. PM some pics and price and possibly a shipping approximate (if you have no idea it's fine, PM I'll give you my postal code). I'll add 4% for paypal payment. Thanks

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[Quote] That's right. SS09. [URL] I'm a bit excited.

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[Quote] ^- His homey on the motor bike has mad style.

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There's an app/iTunes plugin called GimmeSomeTune that changes the iTunes icon in the dock for the cover art of what's currently playing. It also replaces the app and submits your data (if you use, of course) It also automatically download covers, find lyrics and has a "growl" notification (a little pop up window that stays for a few second that shows what song just started) aaaand it's free.

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David Bowie - Fashion

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[Quote] Really? I find there's something wrong with her eyes... what is she in? I've never heard of her before.

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[Quote] +1 Kirsten Dunst

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[Quote] Rashida Jones

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8.447387444 recurring / 10

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Is season 2 episode 2 out yet? The first one aired a while ago but I haven't seen the second episode online...

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Amy Adams [Image] After seeing all 3 pictures one next to each other I realized they pretty much all look alike..

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[Quote] I'm gonna second that.

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He's from Montreal and yeah, he's pretty good. He made this song about two girls one cup (I think one of his first 'hit' on youtube) that's worth checking out also.

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That's a tight battle, holy shit. I'll have to go with fit B though, shirt is fire and shoes are godly. Good battle.

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