Someone tell me otherwise. Most of the major albums that dropped this year were ON POINT with a few (and i mean a FEW) exceptions. Its like for years new hip-hop has been in that awkard adolescent stage we all go thru growing up where we wanna be cool but we dont know what we wanna be so were just fucking awkward and wierd. And then one day you wake up and you are mature and confident and people know what you are all about. 2015 was that day for hip-hop. thoughts?!

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currently all fucked up in the throat, coughing and super congested. How do you guys smoke when you are sick like that? Dont have a vape and am not making edibles, and im not going to stop all together. What works best for yall?

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where that leak at. what do yall think of the tracklist

Started by Rodeo, 2 Weeks ago in Music

Anyone have a dl link? Dropped today and pretty suprised to not have found a dl yet. The whole 100 for a flash drive wasnt my style. Its streaming on ustream yet but havent listened. Thoughts?

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anyone ever seen this show? what are your theories? i was gonna keep the old thread going but it was just too dead.. and everyone was going off about how shitty the ending was. Back when it aired i hated the ending, but im rewatching it now and its mindblowing how much symoblism and shit you realize right away, im already at the end of season 2. if yall seen it before i highly recommend rewatching, imo its better the second time around.

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The title basically says it all. if you disagree you are probably part of the problem. The first problem being the amount of self promotion on these damn threads, 2 years ago we were bumpin, a year ago it wasnt nearly this bad. Still able to talk about artists and shit and have a real discussion amidst the bullshit. and the beat cyphers were killer. Whered all that shit go we got a bunch of fuck boy robots routinely posting their computer music tryna be the next internet kanye. Shit is sad, wheres the community and the love, theres gotta be some of yall still out there. shout out auguste woadie and all of yall.

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got a new one for yall this week a little richard twice. sample is a little tricky but dope nonetheless [Embed content] heres my flip lets see what the fuck u can do  [URL] [Image] augste where u at thoroprod where u at woadie where u at laserdis where u at lets get this is bumpin again

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Got a hotel room at some 2-3 star ramada for the weekend. Its a smoking room/floor, and im tryna smoke a blunt... Anyone have experience with this? Can i smoke a blunt or spliff easy or just take that shit outside

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yet again tryna revive the beat cypher... so im just gonna go ahead and pick and song and post my flip and leave yall to feebly attempt to top me... where my cypher 2013 producers at i know one of yall must be able to out-do me Sample: Lonnie Liston Smith - Astral Traveling [Embed content] Behold the flip [URL] [Image]

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The music thread is slowly losing all hope so lets tryn bring this shit back to life. The cypher was a bangin ass idea, whered yall go?! i found a beatiful sample that brings a tear to my eye... lets hear some flips  [URL] i wanna hear some dopeshit

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Who got this today? what do y'all think? and is it ever daytime in the game??

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[b]THREAD FORMAT: -Post Art Work -Post Link (Soundcloud, Bandcamp, etc.) -Thumbs up / down ratings -No introductions/explanations/responses of any kind.[/b]  This is not like the beats beats beats or aspiring artists tread. Here you can showcase your work. in turn we'll have a large collection of some great stuff. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ We all know that the beats thread and the aspiring artists thread are riddled with people who want to promote their own shit, and 99% of it never gets seen. So this thread is here in order to get some actual feedback. If you wanna share your shit, post it here with one link and your album art. In order to make this work though, NO WORDS. No introductions about how youre young and motivated and all that gay shit, just post and let people check it out. the point is to remove the clutter. Just your link and your art. In turn people can give you feedback solely with a thumbs up or thumbs down, thats it. And no reposts fuckboys, if your shit is gettimg negative feedback, chances are posting it again wont make people like it any more. Ill start. [URL] [Image]

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[Embed content] Anyone see this yet? Interested to hear peoples take on it. Saw this shit last night. Scariest movie I have ever seen.

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Just wanted to quickly introduce myself my name is AlexaMiles and I'm a beatmaker. Just like to relax and make beats in my spare time, just wanted to introduce myself to the group, and wanted to hopefully find some people who I can share beats. [Embed content] I'm brand new to this whole scene. but it seems very interesting. Looking forward to meeting some new people, who share the same interests. I know this is the off-topic and there's a music section for beats and stuff, but I just wanted to say hello! -AlexMiles.

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