that korean girl are cute ... can i know her hahablushing

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i think visvim are not that expensive u can try to find some second hand like 200??? if u want it i can help u but if u just want some brand new one check nyc union when have visvim sale 2 years b4 i got a FBT right there for 175......

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any body like this brand??? i know here have a lot of ppl know this brand . just talk it here and share ur collection thx ... [Image] some of mine collection

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i guess is idiom but cant see the front if have front pic will be better

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damn i want it but i just can wear us 8.5to 9.5

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i really want print out his sxx pic when I see him I can let him sign for me. haha

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hi i m new i m hk ppl in nyc

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somebody tell he is going to NYC study

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i got a size9 visvim fbt elk

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