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http://instagram.com/FittedFemales newly made for the website http://FittedFemales.com Hot chicks rockin snapbacks & fitteds! If you have a clothing brand or you're a photographer/model, etc or just a regular hot chick rockin a hat, we take submissions as well!!! Here's a small sample of pics we've posted recently, with a ton more to come! [Image]

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Few new recent pics, and just a promo pic of all our available tees, and our brand new snapbacks, that we haven't put up for sale yet! http://ShopFYH.com [Image]

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^ Ya Austin Taylor, and Nikki Sexx, had the opportunity to get both of them rocking my tee and got some dope professional pics of them wearing it. Cool peeps! Thanks, the ring was just a custom promo item I use for photoshoots and stuff, a friend made it for me in a class of hers.

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I have a brand that is still pretty new, the brand's name is "FUCK YOUR HUSTLE" and I KNOW that our tees are definitely not for everybody, and I already know that it limits who would even think about buying our products, but it's a risk I decided to take, and while it helps to instantly get peoples attention, it definitely hurts sales. So I've been focusing more on getting designs without the word FUCK on them, and I made a new url for our site which is http://ShopFYH.com  The brand has been a learning experience, and a fun side project of mine that also got me more into photography/video cause I didn't want to have to rely on anyone else to do all of that for me, and now I have the ability to get all the promo material I want a lot easier. That is something I'd highly suggest investing in, a nice camera and taking some time to learn. The brand has also helped me with a lot of great networking opportunities, so anyone that thinks it's a waste of time, I beg to differ and wouldn't have changed anything from my experience so far. I also have a few porn stars rocking our brand, and a lot of rappers, and youtubers, so we're not trying to be anything we're not, considering our brand name, and most of our tee designs so far. Here's some pics from different shoots I've done, and to showcase some of our tees and what not. I'm not against any constructive criticism, just keep in mind what I already said about knowing the negatives of having the word FUCK in my brand name and on my tees!  FUCK YOUR HUSTLE LINKS: http://ShopFYH.com http://facebook.com/FYourHustle http://twitter.com/FuckYourHustle http://instagram.com/agentspits http://youtube.com/FuckYourHustle http://fuckyourhustle.tumblr.com VINE APP = "AGENTSPITS" [Image]

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http://instagram.com/agentspits I post random stuff from my life, as well as it being the main page for my clothing brand "Fuck Your Hustle" http://fuckyourhustle.bigcartel.com/  [Image]

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I met Austin Taylor and Nikki Sexx on set over the weekend and they were nice enough to take a few pics rocking a tee from my clothing brand "FUCK YOUR HUSTLE" http://fuckyourhustle.bigcartel.com I'm rocking a tee from my brand in the pics as well! Got some high quality pics too, but these were just from the iPhone to post on instagram real quick on http://instagram.com/agentspits [Image]

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[Quote] What are some good youtube channels with people that review streetwear tees?

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[Image] Kush Company Snapback Available at http://kushcompany.com FYH iPhone case available at http://fuckyourhustle.bigcartel.com

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Use code "VIKTO BEATS" for 20% Off!!!

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Just got in some new "Good Things Happen To Those Who Hustle" iPhone 4/4s cases, iPhone 5 cases coming in a week or 2!!! From my brand "Fuck Your Hustle" available at http://fuckyourhustle.bigcartel.com/  http://instagram.com/agentspits http://facebook.com/FYourHustle http://twitter.com/FuckYourHustle [Image]

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That's terrible to hear. Things like this situation definitely need to be put out there, so hopefully it can stop other brands who probably have a hard enough time trying to make it as it is, only to be stolen from and lied to by a bigger company then them who's focus is suppose to be helping these brands.


http://instagram.com/AGENTSPITS Fuck Your Hustle Clothing Brand & Personal instagram of myself, Agentspits, random pics and what not.  Here's some examples of what I post up! [Image]

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[Image] In Honor Of The Notorious B.I.G. We are offering 25% OFF ANY FYH Order This Weekend Only (March 9th & 10th) w/ code "BIG" at http://fuckyourhustle.bigcartel.com/

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http://fuckyourhustle.bigcartel.com Some dope and simple tees, but most of the tees have profanity on them, so they aren't for everybody!

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