He just ruined almost EVERY post in the music section by posting his face over and over and over. Man...

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[Image] I'm confused as fuck. Did Blu just officially release "York" or did someone leak it like a good year ago? I know Blu is crazy and all, but all of his latest projects have been confusing as hell when it comes to releases

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I'm out here for the weekend and I really need to find a good place to get some good denim. Everything back home in DC sucks... well for the most part. I've heard Uniqlo is a good place to go, but I know there are way more low-key spots around... any help???

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I've got a a black and white Quiet Life 5-panel that got dusty as fuck over time. Is there anyway to properly clean without fucking it up even more? ?) ?) ?)

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None of you would happen to have any Takio drum kits would you???

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[Embed content] Oh hai, guys... I've got a "mixtape" coming out soon and stuff... and it's gonna sound cool and stuff and you all should be on the look out and stuff yeah... any other upcoming artist on here? Link me to some dope music

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I got bored and shot a completely pointless video to Young Folks lol http://vimeo.com/24803419 Peepeth... if you wanna hear actual music off of the project peep my soundcloud http://soundcloud.com/rmell Yeah... thats it, I'm done here and stuff

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http://vimeo.com/21467137 My first time messing around with adobe after effects... this is the teaser video for my homie SiR E.U Thoughts?

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I go by rMell, new to this whole hypebeast thing. But anyways, I rap and produce for my whole camp. I just want some opinions on our art... peepeth? soundcloud.com/rmell (Couldn't post the link cause I'm under 25 post) Enjoy yo, and please leave replies

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What is your favorite Spike Jonze film??? I'd say mine might have to be "The Fall"

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