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Looking to buy Mishka's Scum White print as a tee (I don't think it was produced in any other form). Preferrably size medium, but I might get by with S/L. Condition doesn't really matter, although I naturally want it to be in as good shape as possible. PS. The rules are a bit unclear but I have PM'd Naked Pimp and (s)he says the "50 post minimum" rule only applies to FS threads.

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I'm looking for Mishka's Scum White tee design in small but medium might be OK as well depending on the measurements. Apart from that I am also on the prowl for two sneaker models by Alife, Everybody mid parachute and Everybody hi/mid tweed. I'd prefer if the items were brand new but let me know what you have and we'll see if I'm interested. I suck at valuating stuff and the rules state that I have to name a price so I guess I'll say "$1+".

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It's gonna suck even more than the Dead or Alive or Mortal Kombat flicks (which were actually half-decent).

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House of 1,000 Corpses, one of the trippiest movies ever. Watching it while high on acid must be a fucking nightmare.

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Oz, Law & Order (except TBJ/C&P/Conviction), Sons of Anarchy etc.

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[Quote]Definitely. I ordered a couple of items a while back and the DHL shipping was 200 FUCKING US DOLLARS! In addition to DHL's insanely expensive shipping an import tax of ~35% was added. Protectionism sucks... smh

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It has won a lot of awards but I didn't like it, it was very boring and not a particularly good vampire flick. I liked 30 Days of Night a lot more (it's not really the same type of film, but they're both vampire movies).

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I own most (all?) of the films but they're total shit. It's actually impressing that these crappy movies have become cult films, just because they star some hot, busty chicks.

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Blow is definately the best. Requiem for a Dream was also pretty good, but I think the details are more interesting than the actual drug-related stuff.

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Many people say it's sad but it didn't really affect me, probably because the lame-ass acting wasn't convincing at all. I don't think I've seen any really sad WWII film, although I've got to admit I cried a little at the end of Schindler's List.

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I'm looking forward to seeing it but I'm worried it's gonna be pretty tedious. When he did Borat there were so many different types of humor but Br

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I though it was pretty mediocre. Sure, there are a few funny scenes in it, but it is definately not one of the funniest movies I've seen. I don't really understand why it has gotten so much good publicity.

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27,000 times?! That guy seriously needs to get a life.

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Ice Cube - Say hi to the bad guy

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