sneakers? streetwear? cool stuff? just shops to check out... alitttle help here , please.

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Nike has a store that has tier zero stuff... nike shakan, thats the name of the store. its a factory owned store like a niketown but boutique sized. i think thats how its spelled. its in tel aviv. on shakan st. which is the main shopping area in tel aviv. i found some ill vintage sunglasses there too on shakan street but in no streetwear stores out there. up with israel!! >smh

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Selvedge is a term used for jeans with a "SELF EDGE" older looms produced/produce more narrow piece of denim than modern machines. if you look on the inside of the pant leg of a jean you can see the self edge where the fabric is sew togather.

Replied in APC OR Hundreds, 2 Weeks ago in Denim does have a storefront in Brooklyn, NY. It is located in williamsburg. i think its on the corner of metropolitian and roebling. i might be wrong. Teddy is the man. Boundless is dope and you fools are jjust whiney dopes.

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i dont but it feels like i'm being fuct wit, but i could be wrong.

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Sorry to said it but its ture, i copped a Kawskini off the website. It requested a size small. the 'kini i got was in a bag that had a "S" sticker on it which one would assume would contain a SIZE SMALL item of clothing. After my girlfriend tried it on it has become very apperant that leah/MOB tried to f@*k me over and give me a size Medium(there is no size tag on the actually bikini. My girlfriend has small shoulders but is 5'9" and 125 or so LBS. And the kini did not fit at all. Unless there was a size Extra Small they fuct me. Check the MOB website for flicks of Sarah "Sweet Sixteen" McSweetney rockin the Kawskini. Sarah is TINY TINY TINY and the bikini fits her fine. i have seen her she is smaller than my girl. Just a heads up. ALSO i have a Size Small(??????) Kawskini for sell get at me.

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^^ your all screwed up. First off The Opuim 180s were part of the European Clerks pack which also included the Foot Patrol Air Stabs and the Polka Dot Air Max 90s. The LA Clerks pack was released last year and included the Union Air Force 180s, the Stussy Blazer, and the Undefeated NL Dunk Hi. This new SF Clerks pack will feature shoes from HUF, TRUE, and Stussy.

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smh Bobby you mad at me?:confused: I know the story behind the hoodie i did some 3rd party research, but did not give up the details. Hope you and rosewood dont show up on my doorstep and shove a hoodie down my throat(a few good men-esque) to keep me quiet

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[Image] Now thats letting the cat out of the bag, nick! bobbi you going to jock nick's steez since your not releasing anymore of the colorways that released today. that purple would match the OG hundreds shirt i have with that has a gothic font "H" in Lakers colorway on it.

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custom dyed hoodies? rumors?

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I'm back to clear up sometimes. Yes the kid in the background is Lil Jah. He is Juelz's nephew and also sings the hook on S.A.N.T.A.N.A. and another song. Juelz did do the bape catalog and he said he rocks BAPE. Lil Wayne ISNT sponsor'd by BAPE. at least thats what Juelz said. Both Juelz and Jim Jones were their own stylist. Jimmy was rockin Ed Hardy type shirt and Antik Dean. I put (aka not bape) in cause i think bape for the most part is some play'd out whack gear. Nigo needs some new ideas. I mean his shit was tight but now its play'd. Just check out the cover of VIBE this month and yes we were at "battlegrounds" 152nd and Amsterdam.

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at URB photo shot in Harlem today. with Jim Jones too. [Image] he's Rockin Artful Dogder!!! I asked him about it. He really liked AD and the Scott langdon lone(scott does both lines(one is self-titled))

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I have a little info on both topics brought up in this forum.Let me shed some light. First off Union NYC has(as of two days ago) hoodies for $208 and NDG arabic hoodies weren't sold anywhere but at the Nom De Guerre stores(brooklyn and manhattan). They made three colorways over three seasons. Blue last Spring/summer. Then Early this winter dropped an Black hoodie with white writing. About a month ago they dropped a White hoodies with black writing. THEY AREN'T GOING TO MAKE ANYMORE. I spoke with one of the owners last week on the subject. The reason being to many fools that wear bape hoodie wanted the hoodie and that is not the clientele they are lookin to market the rest of the NDG line(especailly since fools have no interst in their line except for the hoodie). The hoodies sold for 319 including taxes. Thats what i paid. All styles sold out in a matter of days. I can get my hands on a XL black hoodies that HAS BEEN worn ,only twice. If anyone is interseted please hit me up. i'll accept offers over $300. I have not seen NDG hoodies online except for ebay.

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