yo real talk, has anyone really considered like tryna settle down at a young age? real talk i'm only 18, and im already bored with the chasing girls, partying etc. Like yeah it's sick for that night.. but in the long run, nothing got accomplished. most likely not gonna meet your wife, at the club, or a party. Soo am I the only one who thinks its never too young to start really looking?

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Yo im not that into the clubbing scene & shit. Cause it's just not THAT fun. But when it comes to buying girls drinks at the club, do you guys do it? My buddy once told me fuck it don't, but it seems like a pretty easy way to spark shit up. I haven't lately, just cause i've been broke. But do you guys? Or would you guys? And if you would buy it how would you do it? Just straight up walk & be like can i buy you a drink?

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Rumor in the music industry is that Chris Brown is working on a cover of Michael Jackson's huge hit song "Beat it". He's trying to get it approved, but it might take time becauseof changes he made to the lyrics. He has decided it'd be better to replace "Just beat it" with "Just beat her". Thoughts?

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What kind of books have you dudes read? Just finished reading this for school. [Image] Probably the most depressing, but like perspective changing book I've ever read in my life. I drop a recommendation for that book, regardless of its bad rep cause of emo kids. Any books you guys have read that like actually changed your perspective on shit? SideNote: No dumb shit plX

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BIGGEST hangover of my life right now.. Anyone got any good remedies? And.. It's a bit too late for the 'Drink lots of water before bed'.

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Heard he's actually mad lyrical.. & Not really motivated to listen to him atll. What're some of his most memorable lines & shit? Plus is he even worth listening to? PS: Anyone remember this song? Soo ill.. [URL]

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Does anyone havea difference between their favorite rapper & the rapper that they acknowledge to be the best (In their opinion). I know a lot of people don't (Lawl Weezy Ef Babi B Da Best). For me personally. Nas is the best there is, has been & probably ever will be. But Game's my favorite rapper. What about you nigs?

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Waters the shit. You have alternatives.. Like soft drinks, juice, beer, and for some turpentine. But man. Water's actually my shit. Nothings better then a tall glass of water I swear. Come show some love, for this underrated substance. [Image]

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Anyone know anything about the Macintosh G4? My buddy wants to sell me a MAC G4.. But it's just the tower. I'd have to buy screen, speakers etc & shit myself. He's selling it to me for 300, but like i'm sure i can make him drop the price. Should I cop it?

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This year i'm graduating highschool, you start to think about carreer possibilities and stuff. So far, seems like I want to be a cop. It's what i've wanted since I was a kid. But. How strict are they on like drug testing? Would it be at all possible to get away with smoking dubs every now and then?

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I wanna make a dope playlist for when get just lifted. Drop some suggestions? So far I have Gangsta Lean- Clipse I Gave You Power- NAS Man On The Moon- Kid CuDi Hazel- Lloyd Maui Wowie- Kid CuDi

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Anyone know that song by The Clipse. It's just an entire song about weed.

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[Image] Info on these? Is it even a real color way? IF so when did they drop, & are they just too rare to find? Price tag?

Started by [Jordan] Info On These.., 2 Weeks ago in Jordan

Was dropping some clothes off for donating to my local thrift store, with my buddy & he decides we should walk in & look around for a bit. See if we can find anything. Thinking why not I go in, expecting not to find anything & was really amazed that you can actually find some nice stuff. Most of the stuff was too big or ruined, but I found one diamond in the dirt. A baby blue, Charlotte Hornet's sweater. Felt good. Only 7.99$. Has anyone else found something they LOVED at a thirft store? Thoughts?

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Ordering from American Stores is getting to be too much.. Cause of Shipping & Handling plus the American Dollar's increase in value. So does anyone know any good stores in Canada that have an online store? & If possible coupons for that store. I live in Ottawa by the way.

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