Probably my Superstar/skates.

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Cali for hot asian chicks

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70$ for a pair of OG Cool Grey XII 9's on CL. Sold them for a lot more on Ebay.

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People that live in the burbs who drive Hummers.

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Shit looks cool in the prototype, but in real life it looks like an unfinished job.

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I think it's only a matter of time before he gains mainstream recognition the question is: would it bother you? I don't wanna get on that elitist shit,nor do I wanna be a hater, but wouldn't it annoy you to see the same suburban ♥♥♥♥♥s that bump Lil Wayne bumpin Blu?

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People just considering Petyon Manning "because he's Peyton Manning". Vick should definitely be MVP & Comeback Player of the Year.

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Fox ain't that great to begin with.

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Space Jam is still mah shit.

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When are they going to open one in SF already....?)

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Jean Renoir "Grand Illusion"

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QB ain't the problem for the Raiders. Campbell is good enough. O-Line is obviously the major concern. They should've traded for Gaither on the Ravens or Mankins in NE.

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H$M mah du. Only 20$ I believe.

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Far from the hardest game I ever played, but I remember back in 3rd grade: Starfox Adventure's mother fucking Test of Strength

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