some nice vans in this thread...

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lol hidden arcs take a while to show through.. i had a pair like that and i wore them for a month and didn't see anything. ended up proxying a pair with arcs and a tab from japan blushing

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these look amazing.. too bad ive already got too many pairs of raws to work on.

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^ lol damn, nice bike

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I just put mine on sleep during the night.. I guess it's still on though.

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Hah the one near me closed but didn't get anything .. the sale isnt that great :/

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they'll stretch, just give them another couple of weeks max and the fit doesnt look that tight.

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hahah fits not great.. they just fit you b/c your hella skinny. but wear em until you get another pair of jeans

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^Yeah, they're 120 at the showroom..

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^I got a pair of 5507xx in size 34, worn for two weeks if you're interested..

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511's are baggier than new cures, but slimmer than new standards for APC's.. so you could go with sized down NS's or maybe try flathead f310's?

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tape the insides of your jeans if you dont want em to bleed.. or just let em bleed who cares

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size down one for nudies.. so get a 29 instead of 28 if your a true 30 i'd go with SJ

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i got two chain hoodies for sale both large, one purple, one black.. in the bay.. prefer meetup PM me

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[Quote] tape the insides of your jeans and wear undershirt. I'm getting a pair of dukes in the mail next week, but that's what i do for my nudie RRDS.

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