wow those are crazy... the straps look nice and its a nice shade of red

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the whites are real sickk with the laser detail. very nice, but i dont really mess with converse like that. nice nontheless.

Replied in Converse x Mike Giant & Psycho Pro Leather, 2 Weeks ago in Brands

i dont see why people are hating on DC just cos theyre trying to step up their game. is it just cos they dont have a swoosh on the side? ptschh. buy what you think looks good, not what everyone else says you should have.

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if memory serves me well, ebay seller id4shoes has a few pairs with him.

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^^who cares what you think is weak. if he likes it and is willing to drop $$ on it, then more power to him. damn hypebeasts.

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anyone knows where it is exactly???

Started by Super Clique in Singapore, 2 Weeks ago in Singapore

i'd wear 'em. from what ive heard theyre good quality, and the black/brown/pink aint too bad.

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i wouldnt wear shoes with anybodys face on them.

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the bike pack green is nasty. aqua chalks are far better, imo.

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wow ive heard of bad quality but that takes the cake. id raise hell if i were you.

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[Quote] co-sign. there's nothing wrong with making the mode of delivery humorous or entertaining if it draws people in and delivers the final message in an effective and thought-provoking manner. Al Gore, hate him or love him, should be commended for his efforts. on another note, SOME people are doing their bit to try and halt the slide i.e. the UN and the Kyoto Protocol. but countries that need to wake up and stop screwing the rest of the globe over cos of their greed have yet to fully commit i.e. australia, china, india and the USA. /rant Al Gore for president. (lol)

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andrew bynum of the Lakers. shared a dorm with him too. kid never cleaned his room it was nasty as f*ck. but he was a funny guy.

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yup, right wing back. switched to central mid and left back a few games. did horrible.

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whoa that happened to me once. i had to talk my ass off before i convinced her it was a popup. and that story from Bash is hilarious.

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they look promising as performance-oriented shoes... but im not sure about them as casuals. nothing too offensive tho

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