from the good homies @ sharks & hammers.. [Quote]

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[b]GET IT IN![/b] check the last posts in the thread for the newest info.. [Quote]

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hopefully i won't be stepping on any toes by posting this.. my new forum will definitely appeal to a different core audience & i primarily want to spread the word as a resource for people living or visiting vancouver now that futility records is gone (the only other rap message board in vancouver). [URL]

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new streetwear brand out of vancouver. just opened their own shop a few doors east of goodfoot on powell st. line should be available at other stores soon & the shop will be expanding once they have their official grand opening next month. [Image]

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whoop! whoop! heres a halloween party im throwing at the end of the month.. were (the party killahs) also working on a new weekly coming soon.... [Quote] [URL] the first of the last few times you'll be able to catch moves djing in vancouver too....

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any leads post-a-thing.. ?? read a rumour of the name community approved? confirmation? anyone know if they even have a name yet..? nearly everyone he came in with is still down.. so i can't see it being anything but fresher than anything thoughts? what about distro-wise? NYthing somewhat recently started becoming more available. you think they'll start over low key on purpose? i guess finances could dictate that.. looking for any info. is a label even anything more than a thought at this point? [URL]

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anyone know if there's any truth to this.. ?? seems like there could be. i figured he just started blogging on his own over at [URL] to do something seperate from the brand/shop. but between rumours and the posts below i dunno.. [quote="NY Glob"]No crybabies this summer. Stupid. You want to go out but you don

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i'll be in town those dates.. anything poppin'?? i know all about the shops.. but someone put me up on some restaurants and bars!! where's good to go out? i listen to mostly rap/hiphop but i can stand checking out [i]some[/i] "hip" type shit too.. any concerts? djs in town?? events? art shit? skate shit?? bmx? whatever. anything along those lines.....

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i know a lot of the people who post on this site are underage.... but in case anyone is interested. should be certified skitzo [b]The Columbia (303 Columbia St in Gastown, Vancouver BC) $5.00 Cover / $3.50 Highballs DJs Moves / Neoteric / Rhek / Rico Uno / The Stunt Man / Brand / Relly Rel$ / Seko[/b] [Image]

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[Image] Hennessy Polo ( ? ) Rolex Rolls Royce Versace any missing?? looking at this shirt and just thinking.. it's the freshest thing they've done so far.

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[Image] release in vancouver same day.. fuck i wish i didn't have to work tomorrow morning. i REALLY want the orange shits. someone let me know if they manage to get their hands on a 9.5 or 10 and want to sell them at (semi) reasonable hook-up price. i'll buy 'em later that same day. unlikely.. i know.

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