[Quote]if you don't mind them getting softer htan they already are for raw denim, you can soak 1-3 cycles to avoid further bleeding on your other garments, but natural wear, say 12-18 wears and the bleeding should stop, underwear material doesn't normally attract indigo dye, stains last forever on your tshirts and shoes, so don't wear nothing too expensive ;P be easy man

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Nudie has some/ if not most of their fits come with selvage and non selvage. nudiejeans.com, also locals to San Jose, AzukiSJ.com has some available in-store in several raw fits without the selvage line

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Momotaro and Japan Blue Jeans are sis/brother companies, not the same at all. Different cuts, styles, fabrics, dye, and quality, yet if you want to say Made In Japan is all similar then maybe. But no way are these the same, the price point is one thing already, Momotaro has more premium quality and stitching imo. Typical differences would be the way each pair from each brand looks, but the main difference to me is the longevity of the denim and way denim fades/fits your legs over time. It's the most important factor, the end result of your denim, if you're paying 200-350 a pair you would want something nice to hold on to.

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kennedy denim co, about 35-45 or cheap mondays you might be able to find for 65, but don't expect the styles to be the sweetest.

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AzukiSJ is now fully stocked with the Momotaro Vintage Label, 0201, 0701, 0901, Slim Straight, Tight Straight, and Classic Straight, located in San Jose, Japantown 352 e Taylor St SJ CA 95112 Come check out our denim. [URL]

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Momotaro classic straight fit

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ramzca, Sorry,  www.nezumidenim.com Also, AzukiSJ.com, we provide Nezumi to the US, currently by phone 408 320-1230, or in-store... If you personally have any questions please don't hesitate to give us a call.

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[Quote]light94, Closest Nudie fit to the PS is the Tape Ted, a new cut Nudie brought in. And you would be a size 30, if you're a true 31? The closest to the PNS would be the Grim Tim's if you were curious about that pair too. Hope this helps...

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Joe, I would suggest you just get a 30, The grim tim's are way slimmer than the new stardards and will stretch about 1-1.5" inch at the waist. The new standards are known for stretching, people are recommended to size down 2 sizes from your true size. And even sometimes 3 sizes when worn properly, but be careful of crotch rips if you size down too much... New standards are going to be hard to put on in the beginning, and about the first 7 wears. Hope this helps

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Since 2011, Nezumi Denim Co. has brought premium denim to the world from Stockholm, Sweden. Being carried in various high-end fashion locations. [URL]

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I wouldn't even soak them at all, takes away all the rigidness that you pay for. And also, once you wash them afterwards they will shrink, but only because you stretched them out through wear and water touching the denim then...they won't shrink twice as much bc they're unsanforized. One tip of advice would be to get a suitable size, as if you were planning to soak an unsanforized pair or not, the sizing would vary one size up or down.

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for grim tim's you should size down 1 size, the waist will strech 1-1.5" and grim tim's are probably your slim tapered fit for nudies, Thinn Finn's are the slimmest i would go for a guy

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Raw denim is def not MORE comfy. LOL It's rough, rigid, uncomfortable, you can't wash it, and you have to wear it pinching your hips until it stretches. But you do all of this to get your own pair of denim, nobody else is going to have. Some people might have the same pair, but do they wear it the same way? do they go through the same things you do? That's what sets it apart from other denim.. You go here and there and have already WASHED pairs, with honeycombs, fades, whiskers, and wrinkles in places that are standard...and all the pairs look the same. Raw denim is definitely not for those who are not committed or truly into the denim, bc it is a 6month-2 year process.  The end result is what you wear it for, the look, the feel, is structured to your body, your very own personal fit.

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Azuki SJ has just re-opened in Japantown Downtown San Jose, CA. Nudie's are in stock  [URL]

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And No....It's not a must to soak unsanforized denim, it is just ideal for comfortable fit. Soaking will def take away the rigidness, which most people prefer, esp for a 15.8 oz denim, you want the roughness in the beginning for better fades.

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