tommorow, why?

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Jordan V grapes are my all time favourite, as well as the entire V shoe is my favourite Jordan shoe.. other Jordans I like are III's, IV's, VI's and VII's.. maybe spizikes as well, I wouldn't want to call myself a fan of them but they have been growing on me lately..

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If it is different from the previous F-system projects, I won't differ much from it judging on the pictures.. And Hedi Slimane will not become a household name in the near future. He has been offered to become so but he refused to, at this moment he is very busy with his photography and musical interests, especially with the eye on perfect stranger that has been launched in Paris this week, with the biggest party Hedi has thrown in a long while. I will go down there around christmas (I live in Holland), and I'm very excited right now.. However I do not agree with the people who claim that Hedi can work for any brandname. Sure, literraly he can, but not every brand would suit him, nor give him the freedom he needs. Not to offend anyone in this thread, but I think gucci its style differs a lot from what he did at Dior, and since he would not be setting up a name like he did with Dior Homme, but just take things over from the than former designer (Tom Ford I believe), he just can't swap things around too much. As well as, there is a whole different culture around Gucci, essentialy there is a huge gap between French and Italian Couture, and I'm not quite sure if Italian fashion would suit Hedi... I wouldn't like to see him work for Gucci anyway, I think Gucci has produced quite poor mens fashion over the past years.. And all foreigners overhere are wearing Gucci footwear to look succesful. Overhere, Gucci has really become a clear example of an expensive brand that people with too much money and too little sense of fashion buy..

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woww back from the dead! ohh dat valt nog wel mee, ik dacht dat je eerst had aangekondigd dat je ging stoppen, had daarna niet meer gecheckt.. maargoed weer een hoop leuks in te halen ;)

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^haha one of my favourite youtube vids and ehh to match the shoes, how about a white tee? plain and easy

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I got two pairs of 574's myself, they are really comfortable and I think the model of the shoe looks great.. one of my favourite sneakers

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^ yeah that's what I've heard too.. you even have to bring a guitar to the store in order to get them and be able to play at least 3 tracks for the store's employees..

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I think cement print / elephant print etc. have been overly used lately, making them a lot less nice to own.. But I'm kind of digging the checkered hat!

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does anyone know for sure these are going to be released at all? I saw them on a Dutch Auction site last week for like E500+ and it stated that they are just samples.. [I]-edit-[/I] just looked up if the auction was still on, here you go: rough translation for those of you that do not speak Dutch: [I]Nike air Trainer 3 Transformers Sample!!!!!! Only seen on Hypebeast Product code 317247-001, size US9 or EU42,5, made in Indonesia Because those are samples, they will not come with a box. Four colours of laces are included. E-mails won't be answered, only calls at 0616091708 (from foreign countries: +31616091708 ) Only for serious buyers, it will not be of any use to make an offer below 500 euros. See pictures for more[/I]

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[Quote] they're set to release this month, thought it was on the frontpage of Hypebeast today

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I don't know about their qualities on the court, but I like the looks of the V's better..

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I don't know about their qualities on the court, but I like the look of the V's better..

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I may be wrong but I don't think it did come in an SB box..

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Try Ben G and Patta as well! (they're in the same building, Ben G on the groundfloor and Patta on the 1st floor, so..) Ben G has got a Nike skateboard account.. Concrete may have some nice stuff as well (it's in the same street as Patta/Ben G, like 3 to 5 minutes down the street heading towards the center) good luck!

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