I got these sneakers from the owner of a skateboard shop. I cannot for the life of me find ANY information on these, have not seen them anywhere else on the internet, thus leaving me with no way to put a price on them. The only information on them is on the Black and White Perf Leather versions of this sneaker. I have yet to find any information on these, or anyone else who owns them. I have no idea how many of these were made...no information can be found. So I turn to you guys....can anyone possibly help with this?? I feel I have searched the best I can, maybe you guys can help me out--I would appreciate it for sure! [Image] *- [URL]

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http://imgur.com/a/uhw2p [Image] I recently got these from a buddy of mine, and have no idea how much something like these would be worth. I was told they never got released and only 20 sample pairs were made. I found a few links (this being one:[URL]) about them, and this specific design was only released in Black, and White. Anyone have an info, or could point me in the right direction as to how much these would go for? Thanks! -M

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[Image] All illustrations (plus other digital work, as well as original paintings) can be seen here: [URL]

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[Image] Originals, prints, stickers, etc --take a moment to browse through my work! I can make prints of any originals you see here: etsy.com/shop/abstractceleb also add me on Facebook: Facebook.com/abstractcelebrity Thanks, MOP$

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Check out my work here: Etsy.com/shop/abstractceleb I'm also running a sale on ALL Abstract Celebrity 8x11" high gloss prints - Buy 1 get 1 FREE! Thanks, MOP$ [Image]

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Hey, so my brothers wedding is in November of this year, and the theme of his wedding is the Civil War. Naturally, I am going to 'dress up' for the occasion but instead of dressing for the occassion in complete civil war attire, I want to show up fresh, in clothing that hints the civil war. For example, this hat by Dissizit! http://www.adopedistribution.com/product_info.php?products_id=731 Anyone have any suggestions on clothing I can buy/wear for this occasion?! Thanks

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NIKE BLAZER SB/Vanilla Ice Size 9 $113 SHIPPED (Paypal only) [Image] *-I've worn these 4 times out, and once around the house when I first bought them. They do show signs of wear, but mainly on the inside of the shoe, the outside of these are in great condition! Even the bottom of these kicks are still clean! *-Shoes do NOT come in original box, or the 2nd pair of white laces, but do come with the original blue SB laces. Item will come shipped with newspaper stuffed in the shoe, as to keep them from getting any sort of warped while being shipped. Please feel free to ask any questions! THANKS FOR LOOKING!!!! -MOP$ (If you like art-please take a moment and check out my work) Etsy.com/shop/AbstractCeleb

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Hey, im an artist trying to get my artwork out to new people. Check out my artwork here: Facebook.com/abstractcelebrity (add me if you'd like) Etsy.com/shop/m0ps (thats with a zero) I'm currently having a 'buy 1 get 1 FREE' sale for a bit on any print. Thanks, MOP$ [Image]

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Hey, check out my Art facebook!! [URL] Thanks! :D

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Slightly Worn 'Vanilla Ice SB Blazers' (size: U.S. Mens 9.5) Asking $150 shipped OBO Money Order/Paypal only! [Image]

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