does anyone know of any songs similar to bassnectar's timestretch? That's my fav and i'm trying to look for other similar songs

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anyone bought weed in mexico? I'm going down there soon and want to know how the stuff is...

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definitely silent hill... I can be awake for days after playing that

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I saw this posted in another forum: [quote] Buzznet is having a contest to win a bunch of autographed stuff and limited edition items. Pretty cool if you're the type that likes to enter in as many contests as possible to win free stuff. Here's a link to the contest page: [URL] Here's what they list as some of the prizes: Limited Edition and exclusive, numbered Kid Cudi The Man On The Moon: The Legend of Mr Rager posters Autographed copy of the Courtney Love cover issue of SPIN Hole Nobody

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iTunes has The Temptations rendition of

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Here is Lylit

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A Charlie Brown Christmas!!! Has the best Christmas music! Especially “Christmas Time Is Here” by Vince Guaraldi Trio (The instrumental version is actually a free download on iTunes this week [URL]

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I was checking out amazon and Daft Punk

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BOOM BOOM POOOOOW!!! Yeah, you all know that song, don

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Hey man I found a deluxe edition of this album on Itunes. [URL] The guy definitely has the talent to back up his attitude and only he would pull off some crazy shit like his video "Runaway". Anyone else agree?

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It dropped yesterday and I'm sensing a chart topper with her single Only Girl (In the World), if you haven't heard it check it out [URL]

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Has anyone heard their album here? its on amazon for $4 and i'm wondering if i should buy it Yay or nay? [URL]

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That would be awesome but isn't Wayne like 5'2?

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Anyone try the new Free Riddim Ribbon app? its from the makers of tap tap revenge so Its probably going to blow up big, less cramping of the fingers and more tilting and twisting haha I tried it and its pretty trippy trying to stay on beat. The music choices are pretty legit though. [URL] let me know what you guys think

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