[Image] iTunes has Breaking Bad & Fuck Them Niggaz as 'bonus tracks'. DatPiff has Every City & The Diet as 'bonus tracks'. Still Livin' on DatPiff has an EXTRA verse. .......................... this shits on every album dropped this year so far and gibbs will shit on this one too when Madgibbs drops stop sleeping [Embed content]

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For sale: $55 shipped, +5 to canada, +10 anywhere else no trades worn twice by previous owner paypal gift or 4% Size: Large will accomodate serious buyers with additional pictures upon request. [Image]

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[Embed content] smokeyface

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http://hiphop365.com/?p=11482 "A Glendale California man is so irritated with the music Soulja Boy makes, that he is pledging $25,000 for the Atlanta rapper to stay away from the booth for good. According to reports, the man, Kyle Burgens, described as a financial adviser for an investment firm in Los Angeles says the ‘Crank Dat’ rapper is a detriment to the community and has single handily set hip hop back 20 years." LOL

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[Quote] L's on L's on L's

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http://megavideo.bz/ lol who knew swizz beats was CEO of this shit [Image]

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[Image] go.

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