WTF. this is perhaps the most unexpected collab in the history of history..... i mean, the dude's the did "teardrop" with the dude that did "gin and juice?" ...but it turned out alright.

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this is dope. blu's a soulful dude.

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Dude released his first album for free. I don't even post here much but this ish is too nice not to share. [URL] Enjoy ( or not? ) and discuss.

Started by Charles Hamilton - The Pink Lavalamp, 2 Weeks ago in Music

^ word. Drake is aiight but Charles is scary. I mean, Charles Hamilton is dope... but scary. Dude can legitimately freestyle for minutes on end... His production game is crazy to me (sampling everything from Marilyn Manson, to Charlie Brown, to Mr. Rogers, to fucking... Hoobastank and the Windows XP start up noise.... creative as hell). And dude can play guitar, drums and piano pretty good in addition to that? It's fucking scary. Dope, but scary. If he manages to incorporate all those diff talents and music in his debut album, I think it's gonna be really critically acclaimed and shit. Fave joints: The Butterfly Effect Starchasers Pure Imagination Anti-Bullying

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mine: ab5tr4kt- (the dash is a part of it) i'll see you all in MGO...... *readies nikita*

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2001: a space oddyssey....... kubrick is a pretentious asshole but he's one of the smarter pretentious assholes.

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though musical taste is subjective, i grew up with hiphop, and i know wack when i hear wack.... but if ppl like it, then w/e..... i just dont get this cat's appeal. f'real. maybe i'm getting old. dr. carter was admittedly good though. if dude makes more songs that actually sticks to the concept like this i might actually be checking for him.

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[Quote] f'real. jerry's got heat. seriously though, yeah, the show's great. writing's great. acting's great. wale's mixtape's great (lol). situational comedy at its highest echelon....... bow down to its greatness.

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f'real.. but w/e, in matters of taste, there is no dispute. i still say the cd's fresh.... anyone heard laser gun carrying yet?

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the p.i. is a baby when it comes to streetwear and hiphop, but i know a bunch of creative ppl that are going to change that in a few years (i see you sarah)....... the first original brands i'm really crazy about are FMCC & team manila... though... i feel that they're pimping patriotism too much. it's cool & all (i'm not on some colonial mentality tip here), but i really wanna see some new designs & brands that could put P.I. on the international map. as in, stuff that non-filipino heads would wanna cop also, as opposed to designs that only filipinos would be able to relate to. p.s. i rock FMCC.

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Y3's > ATOs ATOs are overhyped. thankyou mr. west. i bought a pair in black and sold them a week later.

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lol my friend told me about this but this is the first time seeing the footage. i admit i lol'd

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i prolly wouldnt have checked for the new NERD if i hadnt gone to the glow in the dark tour and heard the new stuff live. this is DOPE. its like fly or die on steroids..... (& i didnt even like fly or die that much but still..) seeing professional reviews give this 3/5 stars though completely cemented the fact in my head that reviews mean nothing. screw crack, this album's heroin. windows is my joint... i thought the whole thing was on some stalker tip, but then the hook comes in and goes "the eyes are the windows to the soul" & completely flips the song's concept. stealthy like a ninja.

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m. night in the pantry. what a twist!

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The poster keeps the same vibe as the old movies. Hope the movie does the same.

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