[URL] Enjoy blushing

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What's really really good?

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This shit baaaaaaaaaaangs, track can be streamed and downloaded here [URL]

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whats pawpin!!!!!! too much new fucking members.

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Flaming, straying off topic = BANNED FOREVER! (Jokes, you'll get an infraction though.) Serious Thread; I would post a pic buy my cam is dead hence the lack of new wdywts in the forum and on lookbook but yesh im wearing this to sleep, a ***** feeling cold [Image]

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Ayo, your boy was gone for a while... basically I got arrested with a vaaaaaaaaaast amount of weed in my MHI x Medicom fabrick backpack...*****s wanna put me in prison. what's pawpin yo?

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hater's hate mang....i'll be posting shit in here all teh time of shit i've been bumping recently...suck a dick *please note UK shit only* [URL]

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THIS IS BREYTHEARTEGA!!!!!! still far off from my previous 3,700...so this would technically be my 4,000th post...how it sucks to be banneddz... anyway I digress this ***** is my style icon fuck sufu [Image] Happy 300 ***** Also this is my Jam of the week....DJ Krush feat Amy Winehouse (Movie Theatre) [URL]

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That 7am (GMT) we will all diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee via from the LHC (die = 2012)...night night smh smokeyface &) blinkyeyes tongueface blinkyeyes

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what have i missed?

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Who Tha Fuck Iz Reachingz? Mod change carnivbal to carnival please was a typo

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[URL] very dope album

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