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What are the numbers like for active posters in OT? I mean, the world's a fairly big place, and there's no way we have even 100 unique active accounts posting in OT.  Why us?

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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is coming to Toronto in March. Needless to say I want to go whilst high on acid. Who's in? [Embed content] I don't even...

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Question: File, clip, cut, or bite?

Your nails? I file.

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attn: babyxgurl

Booty smell good?

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Project CARS

Makes GT5, FH, and F1 2012 look like child's play. (Hell, it even makes rFactor and SRW look weak) I can't wait for the full release. Will be making a dope sim-setup when that happens. I really do want it on a console though. [Embed content]

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Anyone else have the pleasure of using this wonderful version of AOS? It's so incredibly smooth, it's like having a new phone. I just put it on a friend's SGSII, and they're just as pleased as I was, even more since they came from a TouchWiz Gingerbread ROM, and they even get video recording. I have epinter's CM10 port. I've tried Jokersax's port too, essentially the same as he used epinter's as a base. The SGSII version is the XTreme ROM.

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[Embed content] Seeing as most of us are too young to have watched the Jeffersons, I'm using this piece of Sherman Hemsley's work, which we all should remember from our childhoods. #RIP #movedonup No embed? df? C'mon mods, fix it, code's right.

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WTB: Nexus vii sticker set

Nexus 7 tablet will be dropping in the coming months. I don't do cases, but have been known to vinyl/clearcoat the device itself, so yeah... Preferably looking for the Disney lettering, but not opposed to others, seeing as I don't even know what the device looks like. I like vinyls, but seeing as they'd be going under automotive clear, I'm sure anything non-paper would suffice.

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FS: Manga (Battle Royale, GitS, Samurai Deeper, Scryed, more)

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WTB: Messenger/Sling bag. (SAGLiFE, HP, or Subcrew)

As the title states. Preferably one of those brands, low-key colours, W~40cm x H~25cm. ie.) [Image] If you have something _like_ one of those, pm me anyway. Figured I'd give /hb/ a shot before giving in to Rakuten.

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Formula One

Anyone here follow? This season has been quite amazing thus far. Cheering for Williams F1 and my man Senna. Unfortunate results for him today, but he's been looking really good. Rosberg will be one to watch, pole and victory last race, and this race he was on some hyper aggressive game. Tough to call, but as it stands I can see Vettel, Hamilton and Button fighting for top 3, and Rosberg, Raikkonen, Webber and Grosjean for 4th and 5th. McLaren will take constructors if Vettel doesn't start winning EVERY race again, RBR second, with Lotus and Mercedes works fighting over 3rd. Hoping Williams can follow through on some races and round out top 5 of constructors. Lotus are the biggest surprise this year, challenging McLaren and RBR hard. Grosjean seems more confident this past race, and definitely China was a much better effort than the opening races. And Kimi, definitely underestimated him, but mostly due to him being in a Lotus. They've found the speed and tyre preservation that can push their two talented drivers to the front of the pack with relative ease.

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Asus Transformer Prime

I wasn't really sold on tablets before, but after seeing this [Image] NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad-Core Processor 1GB RAM 32GB or 64GB Internal Storage 8MP Rear Camera with 1.2MP Up Front 10.1" LED Backlit IPS+ display at 1280x800 Android 3.2 to be Updated to 4.0 MicroSD Slot Micro HDMI As for pricing, the 32GB model will be available for $499, while the 64GB version will cost you a cool $599. Battery life is like 12hrs of 720p video. Jumps to 19 with the dock. Not to mention you can dumb down the processors to 3,2 or even 1 running. There is a 5th core as well for super low output. It will work with some computer game controllers. And given that the Tegra 3 is nvidia made, you can expect decent game support. I'm trying to justify spending almost 1k on the 64gb with all the accessories and taxes, I'm gonna wait and see how ICS works on it, then decide. Hands on:

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VNDS Jordan Spizike DTRT Sz. 12

Air Jordan Spizike 'Do the Right Thing' Size 12 VNDS I think they were og from PYS, cannot remember. I can get more detailed pics if needed. Make offers here or through PM, doesn't matter. [Image] Lighter not for sale. Derp, forgot, no box, they've been through moves and I guess it's been disappeared.

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Raz Fresco - Laced Up

Give it a listen and download, it's good. [URL]

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