End, Caliroots, Triads, Hanon

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GOAT...Taka X Simpsons

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Nike Inneva is pretty daym comfortable if you like a sock like fit. I'm rockin free hybrid's all day...slept on and like 900$ cheaper then vISVIM's If your looking for trainers can't really go wrong with NB or Asics.

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J. Crew washed selvedge

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If you add bleach you will get a 80's acid washed effect.  Keep in mind that a raw denim will almost never match a light wash from the store because most light washes have a chemical PP on them.  I would try the sandpaper technique, wear, and a lot of wash/soaks to get as much indigo out.

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essentially NF Weird and slim fit is the same up to the knee...weird guy is more straight fit with little taper when compared to the skinny guy.  I used to rock the slim guy (which is a hybrid discontinued style) two size up for a tapered fit but not super skinny.  When I tried on the weird guy I went down one size but when considering the amount the denim stretches I now think TTS is probably a better choice.  It's funny cuz when you first try them on they will feel hella tight but I have found with any denim it will stretch and mold to you body type...not so much when u buy a looser fit denim.  I threw away my APC cuz after they stretched they were waay too baggy.

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Indigo is a dye so if it bleeds onto your kicks there is little chance you're gonna be able to clean it up especially if it's a porous material like suede...if it's on hard leather try jason mark or even some regular rubbing alcohol (be careful with painted midsole areas with the alcohol)   ...the best preventative thing you can do is use some clear scotch tape or masking tape and tape the underside of your cuff.  If you don't rock a cuff it is a lil harder because the exterior of indigo denim holds much more dye then the slub.

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