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that aint that bad. I go through 5lbs every 7-10 days. Im trying add in more whole food protien sources though. Well see how long a 5 pounder lasts me now. Powder is so much more conveniant though. Try this. 2 scoops chocolate protien powder of choice. 2 tblsppons natty pb mix with a splash of water in a microwavable bowl, stir until you get a "batter" consistancy. You made need to add more water, you can play with the texture. Nuke for about a min. BAM. Chocolate brownie!! I literally live of this when im cutting, 50gr protien and 15gr fat wich hits my meal macros. Some people add pysillium husk for fibre but I dont. Shit is money.

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So it was a "hyped lame crowd" wich was it dude?wtf? -and Ive seen Wiz on the Waken Baken tour and I thought he was good. Small venue though.

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Im so pumped, I just bought a house and the thing I'm most excited about? My hot tub/Gazebo, I FINALLY have a place to smoke. I smoke @ home now but I rent a basement suite and im always havin to somke my weed on the dl...but now, just walk out my back door, hop in or sit on my hot tub and spark up. It looks onto a huge empty field so I got no nosy neighbors or none of that shit. Im stoked to own my own house period but man, this Gazebo is what sold me. GONNA BE EPIC.

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Traps, delts, neck are excellent receptors to anabolic steroids. And as far as DR.DRE, we'll never know 100% but the educated guess would be yes. He started training with a IFBB pro bodybuilder years ago, asain guy-cant remember the name. Steroids arent the whole answer, plenty of dudes inject and swallow everything they can get their hands on. Good genetics, proper training, PROPER NUTRITION are just as if not more important than steroids when it comes to obtaining a physique like Dre's.

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Games gonna slit his fuckin wrists.

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What fuckkin bird? Where? All I can see is the mountain of a zit on that bish's shoulder.

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In no particular order the best/most tatted rappers: Lil Wayne -most his work is pretty bad actually but hes covered. WIZ- Same thing as Wayne. Tyga- Havent looked much at his wrok but he's covered. ROSS- Covered and he's got some dope pieces. Yela deserves honorable mention, he's getting alot of work done. Worst goes to LIL B's wanna be neck/chest piece. What kind of goof only gets that area done? He's tryin to look like his inked up but he's just fronting. AND YES I DIDNT PROVIDE PICS. SUE ME.>smh

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604_mike gives two thumbs up.

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fuck, last night i pvt'd that shit only for the recording to stop at the end of the 2nd in the henderson/pettis main card. I obviously know what happened but does anyone ave a link. Id like to atleast see the whole fight.

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Link no workee. Ive been waitin on this too ever since i heard that hot in this bitch beat. Hope it delivers.

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Yelawolf big krit j.cole

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Yela seems this, yela seems that. Fuck if you dont know a dude why are you commenting on him? Also his live show is amazing so if you think he needs to learn how to perform live maybe you should attend a show before you comment. Not alot of rappers can sound as good live as they do on cd, but he does. Go on dl his stuff, give it a good listen and then decide if you like dude or not. Gauranteed anyone who is booin Yela (especially at the wiz tour dates) was just a noob who doesnt know shit except Wiz's most popular songs and didnt wanna hear nothin else. You know Wiz isnt gonna bring no wack as mc on tour with him. Basically yall will all be on Yela's nutz sooner than later might as well be sooner. CATFISH BILLY IS A BEAST

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[Quote] Serious? Your serious right now? You used some shitty ass song that has a 10 year old cash money video dubbed over as your evidence that Lil B is mainstream? Really? I dont even need to go on. Youve proved my point.

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I will applaud Lil B if he can make an album that will appeal to the "masses" But real talk I highly doubt he's capable. Lil B's popularity is all intraweb teenage hipsters who think it's cool to like sumthin that actually much so that you turn it around and call it "a way of life" Fully prepared for the based fagboy parade to start, but honestly you have your own thread to keep that wack shit in. Dont corrupt the rest of the music discussion with it.

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