your friend most likely has a 3rd generation ipod touch. blackra1n only tethers the jailbreak (when you turn it off or respring it, it undoes the jailbreak). it is totally worth it. you can have custom themes, free games/apps, etc. blackra1n is the best jailbreaking tool out right now. just download a 3.1.2 firmware for you iphone or ipod touch (make sure you get the right firmware) and then restore through itunes with your new firmware then you just run blackra1n on your computer. it only takes less than 5 minutes. pm me if you have anymore questions.

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had a mini intervention at my house. two families came over asking me and my friend how we get it, where we get it, and for how much. then one of the moms said that it was a gateway drug and shit and i told her a bunch of shit on how its not a gateway drug. then they just kept on talking on how we can get shot for owing money for weed. to smoke or not to smoke later? i just picked up some green crack.

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you would be extremely lucky to find a pair in vancouver. your best bet is to check iss or here in the marketplace. but its going to be extremely overpriced. i have the 006 wtaps sk8 hi's in all black which i got from a oregon member for only $70.

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im in.

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just picked up some god kush and some blunt wraps.

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'eh take it yeezy. [Image]

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^ patrick from hc. i think its better of to just phone them.

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^ damn. next time read. its included but not pictured.

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i lost. got super baked and i jerked off.

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^ it's already been sold. and spell iphone correctly next time.

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^ have you tried here in vancouver yet?

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that's some really fucked up shit.

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^ did you cop the ed hardy boxers?

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yo its KiD. give me some of that. it always seems that your having the best time of your life.

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^ come down to surrey and give me some.

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