^ No Porn ^, Kevin just said. Bytheway, people might as good left negative bullshit for feedback.

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One of the worst Spam Mail I ever received and sometimes in a while still receiving: Dear friend, I am a Sierra Leon by nationality, presently residing here in theNeighbouring country Benin republic as a result of war that erupted in Freetown. I got your contact from your country business guide.We therefore solicit for your assistance to grant us the moral andtechnical advice that we may require to Relocate/invest overseas. It is true that I had not known you before, but I have no option than to risk believing that God will not let us alone. It's my pleasure to Contact you for a business venture which I and my Son, intend to establish in your country. When war erupted in Freetown, there is certain Amount ofmoney totalling USD nineteen million ($19,000,000.00) which my late husband was able to move out of Sierraleon through a diplomatic channel, with theassistance of a securities and finance company before he was assassinated by unknown persons. Now I and my son decided to invest these money in your country or any where safe enough outside Africa for security and political reasons. IMPORTANT We want you to understand that you will assist us to secure these funds forthe investment first, from the securities company. We are interested in hospitality industry If you want to assist us, feel free to contact me urgently through my son clifford who is presently seeking asylum in Europe Through this email address(cliffejoe@walla.com ) to enable him give to you further Information relative to the presence/position of funds which will authorize the securities company to release to you as our partner and beneficiary Regards Mrs kaziah joseph I'd be glad to see some more of yours.

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[URL] Good Job to the chairman and all the mods out there, Holla at me! (no homo)

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What about the cotton trees, Greenpeace and WWF? All you hype-wankers are so blind.

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How should we know? Why don't you open up the Golden Pages and look at the Y or J and give that son a groupie-visit, do you know why you don't? I don't.

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Kr3w hoodies with a matching SB!! That's most defintely the new trend for this Fall!

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I wore black with marine blue street soccer kicks of Lotto.

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Do a triple IP check first.

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Gosh I laughed my nutsacks off.

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I know a mate who skates trees he likes to grind and ollie them. I myself prefer benches and stairs.

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Thanks. Watching that video just costed me 6 hours of mb/ps download for Gay Chick Flicks.

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[Quote] ROFL @ look who is talking right now! Eat and shut up, your avatar doesn't even make minor sense.

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[Quote] No, it doesn't matter actually. Travolta is the Puerto Rican gaylord from the Chi-Chi bar. Remember?

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[Image] My girlfriend a.k.a. 1337-7|21CK programming behind a Rockstar Games desktop. What do you think? Could it be any better, I don't think so!

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You're welcome to visit me in Ohio, my uncle is a very experienced under-belt-presser. I hope that doesn't matter many much, we might be able to arrange something.

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