Post up, paypal ready.

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My copy just got shipped. Fuck with your boy!

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I'm looking for fitted v-necks... not looking for anything baggy. I really like the feel of H&M v-necks... they feel cheap to some but I really like that soft feel. Also, does anyone know where I can get a similar white tee similar to Kanye West's balmain white tee? Obviously I don't' want to pay so much for a white tee nomisayin Just something I can wear anywhere. Not looking to stunt on anybody with a white tee.

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I'm looking for some black jeans (meaning it's not faded) that are fitted and good quality (meaning it doesn't easily get lint stuck to it). Price range < $100 preferably.

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What is the most expensive city to live in? 100K a year maybe be a lot in some areas but not so much in others. I'm writing a paper and just want some ideas/opinions of others who live in different parts of America.

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If you have any of those sizes of TFDC, have your pics and prices ready. Paypal only, I pay proper. Thanks smokeyface

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[URL] click play on the left hand bar to play. This dude is spot on.

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paypal only your price and have the pics ready...i deal and buy proper. smokeyface

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I only wear socks when im rocking J's or high tops...I never wear socks when Im wearing my vans. I only wear lowtops...theres so much air runing through your feet man it feels much better without them socks...

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