Where to cop? [Image]

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What are everyone's thoughts on this years World Rap Championships? Seems like they really stepped their game up this year (more teams, more cities, bigger prize etc.). New York division is killing shit. Hom and Piff really disappointed me tho, seems like they came into this shit last minute and weren't very prepared. Some teams to look out for: Critical/Madness Tahoe/Kilenm Madd Illz/Parable Thesaurus/Illmaculate Wapps/Juce

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Will any shops carry this when it drops?

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[Image] Sabre Vision "psychotic reaction" sunglasses. Info would be appreciated. Cheers.

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Anyone have any experience with this denim? If so, how is the quality? I'm thinking about picking up some xx005s, just wanted to know if would be a good purchase.

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What was the retail on this? And what color ways was it released in?

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So I was chilling at a local coffee shop the other day, and I saw this one dude who I always see around, bumming smokes/change etc (base head). He was with one of his boys, also a grubby looking character. So outta nowhere I look down at his feet and, lo and behold, dude is rocking an old ass pair of 5s. They were all white, silver tongue, black soles, with red/yellow details. "Nike Air" on the backs. Them shits were lookin crazy dirty, but other than that, they looked like they were in great shape. I kinda tripped when I saw em, and I asked him about them. He told me the story of how he got them, and how they were pretty much mint condition until he started using them as work shoes. I almost wanted to tell him to clean them up and sell them to me...but that ain't happening. What a waste smh

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So I copped this 10 Deep windbreaker a bit ago...My first thought when I bought it was "material looks really thin, better be careful"...and I was. But a month or so later and I'm noticing all these weird "runs" in the material...Shit looks like an old pair of pantyhose. WTF? It hasn't gotten caught on anything, yet these things are all over the place. TERRIBLE quality. I'm now an official 10 Deep hater.

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I just copped some kings in blue...The iseam is crazy long, like 37" or something. I plan on getting them hemmed. Should I soak them first, or just hem em and wear em? For the price I paid, I def. don't wanna fuck around...Any advice would be appreciated.

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I need to know where to find a pair of SSDS in Toronto...They seem to be getting harder and harder to find, or am I just looking in the wrong places? I need a point in the right direction...Help a brother out...Cheers...

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I recently bought a pair of these. I usually wear a 32. These are size 32, but they feel a size or 2 big. Should I soak them to shrink them a bit? I have already started to wear them (for about a day now). Anyone know anything about these particular jeans that could give some input? thx...

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Answered. Thx. -delete-

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Were they released at GF yet?

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[URL] Where can I cop in TO?

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