This is the second New Era release from The Clink Room, the company created by the artists who create the Major and Minor league baseball logos. This cap features a logo which was created during the designing phase for the Syracuse Chiefs. The hat will release on November 1st at midnight and will be limited to 150 pieces. Info: [URL] [Image]

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I like the 2 on the outside but im not to sure about the center one...makes me think of a boxing logo or something [QUOTE]In honor of the 10 year anniversary of their record label, David vs Goliath, Looptroop Rockers designed some fitted hats earlier this year to celebrated. Elm Company made the fitted hats for the Looptroop camp which includes two different styles, one of which comes in 2 colorways. First up is the hat in the middle which the Looptroop Rockers camp dubs the DVSG 10yr Anniversary Fitted Hat. The cap includes a Roman Numeral

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[QUOTE]The Entertainment and Sports Programming Network, otherwise known as ESPN, collaborated with New Era to design their first ever 59Fifty Fitted Hats. Available is two different designs, one designed after Sportscenter and another which carries the old ESPN logo which hasnt changed all that much in the years. The Sportscenter fitted cap has a black crown with Sportscenter embroidered across the front in script with a smaller ESPN logo placed below it both in black and outlined in red. Contrast red piping was then added along with red eyelets. Out back on the 59Fifty theres a big red 79 which pays homage to the year 1979 when ESPN was founded. There is also a tag on the sweatband of the fitted New Era which says

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Wasnt really sure where to post this, seeing how Proper doesnt really have a "brand" of clothing at this time... Anyway, this is their new fitted which i thought was pretty fresh...nice and simple with a pretty cool overlapping LBC design...Available now at Proper Info: [URL] [Image]

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[Quote] Info: [URL] [Image]

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I am looking for a Alife Frankenstein New Era...I wear a size 7 5/8 or 7 3/4 but when it comes to this hat ill pretty much do any size for collection reasons...Let me know if you got something

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Everybodys posting up the fitteds they copped...but by the time you see them and go to buy them, or find a place that stocks them, they are sold out...So we need to get something going where we can post up about the newest custom New Eras that just dropped and where we can cop them, shit we ordered ourselves and havent even gotten yet...Or something you just wanna share with others.... Im liking this Baltimore Orioles New Era from Rock-N-Jocks.Limited to like 30-35 pieces..Lovin that Neon Green. [Image] [URL]

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These Lebron James Wallpapers are pretty old but if your a Lebron James fan its always nice to have some wallpapers. I added a few of them to a screensaver i made with random sneakers. Theres a lot of wallpapers of the Lebron James Player Exclusive sneakers. [URL] btw: the art/photo section seemed to contain mostly photographys so i figured it should go here. Sorry if wrong thread.

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i have a serious addiction to hats...more so then anything else..I was looking around HB and didnt really see any threads to keep people updated on customs and various hats...Mostly New Era...I see the threads for Mighty Healthy and Mishka and etc etc but what about companies like World NYC and Black Lightning and general custom New Eras from shops like Rock N Jocks and Fitted..So maybe we can get a thread going just for hats, this way smaller companies and customs are excluded... Anyway, ill start off One People Project x World NYC - One World Fitted...theres going to be a total of 144 of these...72 to be sold at World NYC and another 72 to be sold at select retailers and the One People Project web store..Due to come out in Feb sometime..No word on price. [URL] [Image]

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This shit is hott...Couldnt picture myself wearing a Mickey hat but this on the other hand is sick.,.. [URL]

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First off, hey..Im a newb here... Secondly, this hat is sick..Im not really a Bonds fan but the orange and black is a nice combo i think...Cant find one anywhere though, if anybody has any info hit me up please...Thanks for reading. [URL]

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