I want to know what all you [I]amature/pro[/I] photographers [U][B]favourite glass[/B][/U] you use? [I](Canon/Nikon/Tokina/Sigma/etc)[/I] Along side with your selections, show a image that was created with the lens(es). Right now my favourite glasses are all [b]Canon[/b]: [i]50mm f/1.4[/I], [I] 24-70mm f/2.8[/I], & [I]16-35mm f/2.8[/I] [B]50mm[/B] [Image]

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Like title says, just post what you got for your car either it be performance, cosmetic, or an air freshener. smokeyface For your 1st post post a picture of your car so we all know what car it's going on...for the slow guys tongueface [B]My Cars:[/B] [I]Parts are going to my hatchback[/I] [Image]

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As title says.... I just wanted to see everyone's laptop setups and such... Macs, Sony's, Acer's, Dell's, etc !! [B]Here is mine:[/B] [I]Macbook White w/ Incase Hardshell and stickers[/I] [Image]

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Im looking for good programs for my new MAC laptop i have just bought recently.... Just some on the top of you head or ones that you have been using for awhile Any suggestion would be great !!

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