post in Off-Topic. Just some 911 for the below 1337 and underrated IQ posters amongst us. Show some respect. Thanks.

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I still haven't enough spots to visit.

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Everytime I'm AFK and I go back opening a new page or refresh I have to log-in again. How come? Is there anybody else having the same issue? I thought I been hacked or have a virus, but Norton and McCaffee couldn't find shit after 7 times a system scan. What now?!

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Since I'm a programmer for Rockstar I think I can answer this best. I assure you that a new GTA Game is coming somewhere in 2006/07 this version is still in the make (post-production actually, almost done). No event nor public game-network has been updated of this, but stay tune at and your local groceries shop. for the raw hardcore fans; we are also busy with a script for the new MANHUNT. PLEASE TELL ME I'M COOOOL

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Hi, Is there a general spot where cool trendy people like to hangout despite a club or the local puerto rican gay cafe where you don't need to spend money or going home with a pain in the ass? Where most of you people like to chill? Till now I only been chilling at a LAN party, on my mothers and aunts couch and at Six Flags. I would really appreciate your reply personally!

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should be prohibited, or at least contact the starter first. Thank you HB

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Hi, I used to post regularly at a online-gaming forum, but I want to be cool like Nigo, Allen from Orisue and the rest of my town so I registered at HB. Now I wondered why there isn't an Welcome -New Member Name- thread for recently registered members. The forum I used to post had one and that worked out very well.

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