Fila's are sold out the ass in Foot Lockers, etc. I see a whole lotta kids rockin' 'em. Last I remember I saw a pair at Foot Locker for 49 bucks.

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I'd wipe my ass with the last shoe.

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Wear them sh*ts. Fuck what everyone else thinks. You should wear clothes cuz you like 'em not cuz ya friend, neighbor, etc. like 'em.

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Those are some pretty good fakes.

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I'm looking all over the net and it seems like the don't have any SZ 9.5. Anyone wanna hook me up with a pair of the Stars design or the Khaki and Bone?

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Please tell me where to cop some of those shoes.

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[Quote] What!?!? I paid like 100 for those when they came out. You lucky.

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[Quote] I got some of those. Sick shits they are.

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[Quote] I for one think those shoes are fresh. Could be customs.

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Could anyone show me where I could possibly buy something that looks like this bathing suit or maybe where I could get the exact one? I need it for my gf. She thinks it's cute. Thanks for any help. Here's the pic of what the bathing suit looks like. [Image]

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I just finished watching the vid and I paid attention to the music more than their shoes. Although, some of those shirt designs would look cool on a real T shirt. I'm gonna go looke them up.

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I like the little side shoelace design concept but it is an ugly shoe.

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[Quote] HAHAHAHA. Funniest thing I've read on here.

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Now, I know everybody knows Phat Pharm and Ecko are THE, I repeat, THE most played out brands out there. Even Wal-Mart brands aren't as played out as these two. I'd rock Starter brand before I'd rock these.

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Damn, imma need a credit card with no limits to shop at these stores. Then, imma have to kill myself to get outta paying the monthly bills.

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